Articles by corresponding authors of Wigner RCP will be published open access in 2172 journals of Elsevier without additional costs and administrative burden.

A corresponding author is an author who submits the manuscript and performs all administrative tasks related to the article during the publication process, corresponds with the Publisher and completes the open access application and licence. An author who is designated as a corresponding author, but does not submit the manuscript, correspond and complete the licence for OA publication is not considered a corresponding author for the purposes of the agreement. Authors' eligibility is determined by affiliation (name of institution).

1. Free open access articles can only be published in valid journals, which you should check with the journal finder or in the published file by EISZ before submitting your paper.

2. Authors should select the Gold Open Access publication option in the upload interface of the article submission, regardless of the APC fee indicated. It is not yet possible to select free publication on this interface.

3. Once the article has been evaluated, upload other details of the article, name the institution and request free open access publication. Overview of the article publication process.


  • Select an Elsevier Open Access licence. During the process, the article submitter must select which Creative Commons licence they wish to publish the article under. It is important to note that once selected, the CC licence cannot be changed, so it is worth considering which publishing licence to choose before making your selection.
  • CC BY 4.0 : the user (3rd party) of the article has the right to adapt the work or even use it commercially
  • CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 : the work cannot be reworked and the protected article cannot be used for commercial purposes by the user (3rd person)
  •  Pressing the confirm button will complete the publication process.

4. The open access affiliation is then confirmed by the Library on the Elservier Open Access Platform.

5. If the article was selected for subscription at the time of submission, it may be subsequently modified to open access for a limited period of time after publication.

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