Yoshio Kuramoto - Department of Physics, Tohoku University, Sendai, JAPAN

BME Fizikai Intézet Elméleti Fizika Tanszékének és "Egzotikus Kvantum Fázisok" kutatócsoportjának közös szemináriuma 


                             Yoshio Kuramoto
Department of Physics, Tohoku University, Sendai, JAPAN

                     (Vendéglátó: Kiss Annamária)     

      Superconductivity and multipoles of electron-spin
              composites in two-channel Kondo lattice


The Kondo lattice model, if properly generalized, provides microscopic understanding of rich varieties of ordering phenomena in strongly correlated electrons. Moreover, the model can predict new orders that can be tested experimentally. We demonstrate novel electronic orders in the Kondo lattice by including multi-bands of conduction electrons. The resultant two-channel Kondo lattice at zero temperature cannot remain disordered because of the remaining fractional entropy at each site, and unconventional orders are realized. The hidden symmetry SO(5) of the model at half-filling of conduction bands causes degeneracy between multipole composite orders with three components, and an odd-frequency superconducting order with a complex order parameter. Detailed numerical calculation shows that deviation from the half-filling makes the superconductivity most stable for a certain range of the density. We discuss peculiar features of the order parameters.

Az előadás helye:  BME F III. épület, magasföldszint, szemináriumi szoba.
Ideje: 2014. március 10. hétfő, 14:15.

2014.03.10. 14:15