Prof. Petra Rudolf - See atoms move in real time: ultrafast electron diffraction

2016. február 09.
MTA Wigner Fizikai Kutatóközpont
Time-resolved electron diffraction is a unique tool for providing direct and detailed information on the structural dynamics of solid surfaces, nano-sized materials, molecules and atomically thin layers, thanks to the high cross section for interaction between electron and matter.

Kormos Márton - Non-equilibrium dynamics of one dimensional quantum systems

2016. január 19.
MTA Wigner FK SZFI, I. épület
In  the first part of my talk I will briefly discuss the recent intensive activity in the research of the out of equilibrium behavior of quantum many-body systems. Then I will report results on the time evolution of correlation functions after quantum quenches in the sine-Gordon model which is relevant for on-going cold atom experiments with interfering one dimensional condensates.


Nic Shannon - Electromagnetism on Ice : from quantum spin ice to protons in water ice

2016. január 5.
MTA Wigner FK SZFI, I. épület
It has been known since the pioneering work of Bernal, Fowler and Pauling that hexagonal water ice is the architype of a frustrated material : a proton-bonded network in which protons satisfy strong local constraints - the "ice rules" - but do not order.