Ortvay Kollokvium

Edwin F.Taylor (MIT, Boston, MA, USA) - Completing John Wheeler's Vision: Undergraduate General Relativity

2013. július 11., csütörtök, 14:00
ELTE Pázmány Péter s. 1/A, földszinti 0.83-as előadó
John Archibald Wheeler based his vision for undergraduate general relativity on two key ideas: First, introduce the description of curved spacetime not with the field equations but with their solution: the metric. This reduces the required mathematics to single-variable calculus. Second, start with the metric for the simplest system in the Universe: the black hole. The resulting undergraduate text, Exploring Black Holes, came out in 2000 to wide use in a variety of settings. The second edition, being written with co-author Edmund Bertschinger, simplifies and expands the theory and applies it not only to a wide range of astrophysical systems but also to the cosmological development of the Universe.

Mikhail Shaposhnikov (EPFL, Lausanne, CH) - Sterile neutrinos as the origin of dark and baryonic matter

2013. május 23. 15:00
ELTE Pázmány Péter s. 1/A, FSZ 0.81 előadó
The lecture will discuss how three sterile neutrinos alone can simultaneously explain neutrino oscillations, the observed dark matter and the baryon asymmetry of the Universe without new physics above the Fermi scale.