Christof Jung - The decay of a NHIM to dust

ELTE TTK Fizikai Intézet

2013. július 3.
szerda, 11 óra

Christof Jung

Instituto de Ciencias Físicas, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México,

"The decay of a NHIM to dust"

We study a prototypical 3-degrees-of-freedom chaotic scattering system
depending on a perturbation parameter. For one limiting case the system
has a conserved quantity and can be reduced to a 2-degrees-of-freedom
system. For the other limiting case it is completely hyperbolic. For the
reducible case the dynamics is directed by a NHIM and the 4D Poincaré
map can be understood as a stack of reduced 2D maps. As the perturbation
sets in, for small values of the perturbation parameter the NHIM
persists, and for large perturbations it decays to dust.

1117, Budapest, Pázmány P. sétány 1/A, Északi tömb 2.54

2013.07.03. 11:00