Barbara V. Jacak - Insights from d+Au collisions on initial state and thermalization

ELTE Fizikai Intézet

                ORTVAY KOLLOKVIUM

            2013. december 05., csütörtök, 15:00-kor
        Az ELTE Pázmány Péter s. 1/A alatti épületében
               földszinti 0.81 előadóban

                Barbara V. Jacak
        (Stony Brook University, Dept of Physics and Astronomy, USA)

    "Insights from d+Au collisions on initial state and thermalization"
       /2013-as Zimányi Nehézionfizikai Téli Iskolával közös előadás/

Kivonatos ismertetés:

We have recently seen fascinating new results from p or d + nucleus collisions at RHIC and the LHC. High multiplicity p/d+nucleus, and even p+p collisions, produce particle correlations very much like those resulting from collective flow. Indeed, hydrodynamics is able to successfully reproduce these correlations. The data suggest that such systems may thermalize due to their large density, despite being quite small. I will summarize some of the newest experimental observations of hadron production and correlations in d+Au at RHIC.

Heavy quarks are excellent probes of the initial state structure in a nucleus and its interplay with final state interactions. I will review recent results on quarkonia, open heavy flavor, and continuum dilepton production in d+Au collisions at RHIC. I’ll discuss what they tell us about nuclear parton distributions, as well as initial and final state interactions of the heavy quarks.

Finally, I will describe new measurements to probe the partonic structure of cold nuclear matter and unravel initial from final state effects upon observables.

2013.12.05. 15:00