Alexander Belavin - Frobenius manifolds and Minimal string theory

MTA Wigner FK RMI Elméleti Osztály Szemináriuma
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Alexander Belavin (ITP, Moscow)
"Frobenius manifolds and Minimal string theory" címmel tartandó szemináriumára.

This talk is about of the computations of the correlators in Minimal Liouville gravity  .
We use the conjecture that the Douglas equation is applicable to the Minimal Liouville Gravity .
We found how to choose the desired solution of the Douglas  equation and an appropriate form
of the resonance transformation from the KdV times to the Liouville coupling constants to satisfy the needed constraints of MLG.
Using the connection of the String equation with the Frobenius manifold structure, we find the required solution of this equation.
This solution and the suitable choosen resonance transformation lead to the results which are consistent with the requirements of the models of MLG.
The solution of the Douglas equation has a very simple form
in the flat coordinates on the Frobenious manifold .

Helye: MTA Wigner FK RMI III.ép. Tanácsterem
Ideje: 2015. szeptember 14. hétfő de. 11:00 óra

2015.09.14. 11:00