Sport, recreational activities

Visitors of the campus can take advantage of a diverse range of sport and recreational activites on and around the site.

Gym, sauna and massage therapies

The gym of the site can be found in building 4. Once you’ve entered the building, follow the corridor on your right until you reach the gym area. You will also find a sauna in front of the gym. Massage therapies are available there, every Tuesday and Thursday.

For further information and prices, please contact the KFKI Technology Park Ltd. at e-mail address.


Outdoor sports

A sports court is located next to the KFKI campus. Amongst the many options offered there, you can choose to play table tennis, football and tennis there. Next to the playing-field, you can also try horse riding in Normafa Lovasiskola.

Seasonal activities

During the summer season, visitors can create joyful memories in our sailing camp in Szántód. In wintertime, we organize skiing trips in Normafa.

For the outdoor and seasonal activities, feel free to contact Mr. Steigwald Alajos

Mr. Steigerwald Alajos
Chairman of the sports court
Phone: +36-30-914-3331