KFKI Technology Park Ltd.

1121 Budapest, Konkoly-Thege út 29-33.
Phone: 392-2266, 392-2201 - Fax: 392-2207
Director: Bosnyák Edit
e-mail: uzemelteto@kfkipark.hu

The KFKI Technology Park Ltd. provides for the basic operation of the KFKI Campus:

  • maintenance, operation and development of energy supplying networks and systems
  • labour safety and fire protection
  • maintenance of buildings and other edifices on the common field
  • cleaning of roads and parking lots
  • operation of the telephone exchange, maintenance of the telephone network, postal service
  • outpatients medical department with e.g. professional health care and first aid services
  • armed security guarding, reception office, property protection
  • attending to the forest and gardens
  • leasing out free buildings
  • coordination of other related services (eating, auto service, etc.)

In connection with the foregoing, we are waiting for your remarks and/or proposals to the uzemelteto@kfkipark.hu mail address.