High-pT Physics at LHC - Tokaj'08


[CERN, LHC Tunnel] [Tokaj, Winecellar Tunnel]

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the 3rd International Workshop on High-pT Physics at LHC, organized in Tokaj, Hungary, in 16-19 March, 2008.

The purpose of this workshop is to offer an opportunity for experimentalists and theorists to get together and discuss the analysis of the data taken within the first year of LHC in p+p (s^1/2=14 TeV) and in Pb+Pb (s^1/2 =5.5 A TeV) runs, and to overview previous p+p and heavy ion data from RHIC and TEVATRON experiments.

The main emphasis is given to :

The Workshop is going to take place in Tokaj, which city is the center of the historical Tokaj Wine Region at the north part of Hungary. We expect the participants to arrive on 15 March (Saturday). The workshop begins in the morning of 16 March (Sunday) in the Degenfeld Conference Center, at the center of Tokaj. The workshop has 4 working days, with the last talks scheduled for the Wednesday evening, 19 March. Participants are accommodated in the Tokaj Hotel (Tokaj), in the Toldi Inn (Tokaj), in the Degenfeld Castle Hotel (Tarcal), and in other hotels in Tokaj.

Please, visit the Registration WEB-page , where you can register and make your hotel reservation - we have reserved rooms in the above hotels on a discount prices during the workshop. Please, use our registration page to receive the discount rates.

If you plan to give a talk, please send a title and a short abstract to the address "tokaj08@sunserv.kfki.hu". The talks are scheduled typically for 20-30 minutes.

We plan to publish the Proceedings of the Workshop in electronic format, as the volume of the Proceedings of Science (PoS) . You can find here the Proceedings of the 2nd High-pT Workshop, Jyväskylä'07 .

Further details details can found in http://www.kfki.hu/~tokaj08.

The registration fee (200 euro) covers all lunches, coffee breaks, Welcome Party (Saturday evening), Wine Tasting Party (Sunday evening), and Workshop Dinner (Tuesday evening).

We are looking forward to see you in Tokaj,

Best Regards,

Kari J. Eskola, Peter Levai, Andreas Morsch, Jan Rak, Ference Sikler

WEB: http://www.kfki.hu/~tokaj08
phone: +36 - 1 - 392 2731 (at KFKI RMKI)
FAX: +36 - 1 - 392 2727 (at KFKI RMKI)
address: P. Levai, KFKI RMKI Research Institute for Particle and Nuclear Physics
29-33 Konkoly Thege Str., Budapest, 1121, HUNGARY