Hungarian Physics Information System

Kati Szalay, KFKI, Budapest, Hungary


The present stage of the Hungarian Physics Information Systems and the plans for the next future will be presented.

These physics WWW-pages are maintained at KFKI ( ), a campus of five research institutes of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The basic activities of the research institutes cover atomic energy research, technical physics and materials science, solid state physics and optics, particle and nuclear physics, isotopes and surface chemistry. The KFKI WWW has as its aim to collect and present information on physics research and education in Hungary together with links to important physics web sites all over the world. From the KFKI Physics pages the following items are accessible: physics centres, institutes and university departments, e-journal archives, conference-, lecture-, article-collections, preprint services, libraries, scholarships, job opportunities and physics-related mailing lists in Hungary and throughout the world. The home page of the Roland Eötvös Physical Society (society of physicists and physics high-school teachers) is maintained here, as well.

An electronic journal for physicists (FIZINFO, the electronic journal of the Eötvös Society) and another one for high-school teachers (TANFORUM) are maintained at KFKI, the archives being accessible from the KFKI Web. We are also running specific services for the international physics community like MIX, the world-wide information service of Mössbauer spectroscopists ( ) and IBIS, a similar service for ion beam analysts ( ).

Searching is implemented by the Harvest gatherer with the Glimpse Broker, it is in experimental phase at the moment.

It is the editors hope that these pages will support physicists by informing them about activities and scientific achievements of each other.

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