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My homepage at sunserv
+++ AltaVista: Main Page/text
AltaVista: Adv. Query/text
FTP search v3.3


Climate Outlooks
CNN - Weather - Budapest, Hungary
Forcast Model Analysis of Europe
DKRZ Meteosat Animationen
The WeatherLab(TM)
CPC - Weekly Regional Analyses: Europe
mirror in Italy: Welcome to IGES
Medium Range Forecasts for Europe
Satelite Orbits


Az MNB árfolyamai
Az MNB hivatalos devizaárfolyamai
MNB árfolyamok TXT
Aktienkurse Frankfurt: text version

A list of archives of newsgroup traffic
Welcome to the Linux Home Page
mirror at BME: The Linux Documentation Project Homepage
bme:HOWTO Index
Directory of /pub/Linux/docs/HOWTO/other-formats/ps
Linux Weekly News
cut off? Linux v2 Information HQ
Linux Program Links
Linux 2.0 Kernel Patches: Frequently Updated ...
Debreceni Linux Users Group
bme: The Linux HOWTO Index: HOWTO Index
KFKI Linux Archive NFS
CPAN mirror at KFKI
kfki ftp:
Népszabadság Online címlap
HVG Online
A Magyar Televízió TELETEXT Szolgálata
Hungarian Home Page
Hungarian Orienteering Home Page
TV műsor
Map of Budapest
InfoMagic Product Graphical WWW Catalog


ColorTest Applet
Java Programming Resources: Java, Java and More Java.
Real's home (JAVA & JAVASCRIPT How-to)
The Java Tutorial
The Java Tutorial: Table of Contents
The Java Developer: How Do I...
Making Sense of Java
The Java Programming Language
Digital Equipment Corporation's Java Home Page
Frequently Asked Questions on Java
european mirror: Digital Equipment Corporation's Java Home Page
!!Java(TM) Boutique - Compiler Service
The Java(tm) Telnet Applet

Midnight Commander: Mexico
redirected to:
Games Domain - Direct Download/straregy
Times Newspapers Ltd. Internet Space: Registered
Download Netscape Navigator Software
asWedit HTML editor at
Rádió és Televízió Újság


DNS resolving

DNS <-> IP Address conversion, MHP Home Page - Public Access Services
Node Info


Teletext: Duna Televízió
Uj Kepujsag Kft. Honlapja

Services of SZTAKI
SZTAKI Szolgáltatások
English-Hungarian Dictionary
Magyar-Angol szótár
Keresés a német-magyar és a magyar-német szótárban
Hypertext Webster Gateway
Index of On-line Dictionaries
AU Libraries List of On-line Dictionaries
Synonym-Antonym Dictionary: WordNet at Vancouver Webpages
List of Dictionaries
Obsolete Computer Help Service
Computing Dictionary
Stellar Crisis Plaza (Time Zones Frame)
Hacker's Jargon
mostly complete HTML dictionary
A Web of On-line Dictionaries II
Hungary tukor
Jogszabályok a Kerszöv Computer Kft. adatbázisában
German-English Dictionary (simple)
AltaVista: Translations
grammatically not correct, but useful
(english to german: statt verlegen Sie:
"legen Sie ver")
Dictionaries: Martin Ramsch's Bookmark Collection - English Language: Jargon
NetLingo: The Internet Language Dictionary
Computing Dictionary
german-english dictonary file
American-Australian Slang Dictionary
Shell route planner
PC Webopaedia home page
Speciális Szótárak (HVG gyűjtés)
Postai Küldemény Tarifa Kiszámoló
Public Statistics at
Vasúti Menetrend: Elvira: jó
Elvira: Válasszon állomást:

Search Engines

Search Engine Collections

World Wide Web Search Engines
Search Engines
List of WWW Archie Services

+++ AltaVista: Main Page/text
+++ AltaVista: Advanced Query/text
+++ AltaVista: Main Page/graphics
AltaVista: Advanced Query/graphics
MetaCrawler Search Form
MetaCrawler Home: Parallel search
FTP search v3.3
Search: (boutell) Linux Software Map
Search: Linux Software Map (LSM)
Usenet WWW FAQ Archive Search<
Utrecht CS News.Answers FAQ Access Methods
iFind! -- Search Results
SWITCH ArchiePlexForm: no regex
Archie Request Form: at
Welcome to Lycos
Yahoo! - Science
Yahoo! - Computers and Internet:Software
The Open Text Index
Infoseek Guide
Domain-Name Database -- the way to find shareware on the Internet Power Search Form
Net Search
Welcome to Magellan!
excite Netsearch
Point: It's What You're Searching For
Domain Name System Search Engine
TechCrawler - Search the Hardwardware Internet!
CMPnet Search


EFFweb - The Electronic Frontier Foundation
The ROOT System Home Page
Electronics Informations Page
Netscape Lunacy (help)
Information about the Netscape global history
history.db: Information about the Netscape global history
needed to enter manually:
The Internet Services List: Yanoff
RFCs in HTML Format
Welcome to the tutorials page
Online Book

Newsgroup Archives

FTP Directory:
Index to archives of newsgroup postings
A list of archives of newsgroup traffic
Usenet Newsgroups
A list of archives of newsgroup traffic
US c.o.l.a archive: FTP Directory:
UK c.o.l.a archive: FTP Directory:
USENET: hun.piac by thread
FTP Directory:
FTP Directory:
FTP Directory:
FTP Sitelist: FTP Directory:
FTP Directory:
FTP Directory:
Liszt, the mailing list directory
not an archive
Hollosi Information eXchange
Deja News - Browse Groups
*** HIX GURU *** #1665
Linux Mailing Lists
seul Archives


The Web Developer's Virtual Library (

Software Development Environments/Resources


Home Page of the Toolkit for Conceptual Modeling
Tools of the SEL
Requirenautics Quarterly, Archive section
Rapid Prototyping Laboratory Requirements Analysis Home Page : LOCANA
SEI: Software Engineering Institute
at SEI: Computer-Aided Software Engineering (CASE) Environments
SAL- Programming - Tools & Utilities
SAL- Programming - Tools & Utilities - PACT
General Software Engineering Web Resources
The CASE Tool Home Page
Development Assistant Homepage
FlagShip 4.4
DCE RPC for Linux 2.0.30
Software Engineering Resources

Real-time, Scada

Real Time References on the WWW
SCADA mailing list
Water Corporation of WA's SCADA Program
Directory of /users/efa/Real
Intellution's FIX, The #1 Automation Software for Windows 95 and Windows NT


The GUI Toolkit/Framework Page
Platform Independent GUI FAQ
MW3: Widgets, Toolkits, Libraries, and GUIs
Troll Tech: Qt C++ GUI Development Framework
V - A Freeware Portable C++ GUI Framework for Windows and X
MetaCard Home Page
Crossparform GUI Framework: SpunkCross API Homepage
from c.o.l.a
Portable Screen Library Resources
User Interface Software Tools
The FSU Toolkit Page
MGui Home Page
GRASP : Graphical Representations of Algorithms, Structures and Processes
MetaCard Home Page
X-Designer: the Motif, MFC & Java GUI Builder with GUI Testing
VXB Home Page

Object-oriented programming


C++ Annotations
The C++ Virtual Library
Free C++ Libraries for Various Applications
The High Performance CC++ Project
The CC++ Programming Language
The C++ Virtual Library
Learning C++ (21-Nov-1994)
GNA - Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming
GNA OOP/C++ -- Material
Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming Using C++
Buy any C and C++ Programming Books In Print


Picasso-3 Home Page
Picasso-3 UIMS
SWBus: SWBus Home Page


The home page for object technology, Eiffel and TOOLS
Eiffel kerdesek
The Eiffel Page

Caution: Java

Be cautius!
Java applets are not so stable!

Java WWW Pages
Java Programming Resources: Java, Java and More Java.
The Java Programming Language
Java Programming Resources: Java, Java and More Java.


JDK 1.1 OpenVMS Beta Download
Java Developer Tools - JDK and Development Tools for Building Java Apps


JavaScript Guide
Unit Conversion Calculators in JavaScript
Java/JavaScript Resource Center
NGS JavaScript Interpreter
JavasScript DHTML outliner by Marcelino Martins: Folder-Tree
The Complete Idiot's Guide to JavaScript, Table of Contents


Java(TM) Platform Documentation
The Java Tutorial
The Java Tutorial: Table of Contents
The WDVL: Java Tutorials
Brewing Java: A Tutorial
Java Lecture Notes
Java packages for Red Hat Linux

Java Programming Links
!!Java(TM) Boutique - Compiler Service
Annotated Java List
a little bit buggy!
may terminate your netscape browser!
Java API Overview
X Window Protocol implemented in Java
Real's home (JAVA & JAVASCRIPT How-to)
Chami's Tip of the Day - Search Results
Welcome to CodeColorizer Home Page
Interactive Programming In Java
Netscape 3.0+ Java Bug List
IDE: Penumbra Software, Inc.
JAVA: General
Jeff Aronoff's Java Web Site
free software: JRB
ObjectSpace, Inc. Homepage
The Container and Algorithm Library
Download CAL
ObjectSpace: JGL, The Generic Collection for Java
Jentec JENI: Creating A File
JENTEC Home Page: Java Networking for File, Print, Email, and Directory Services
java editor: kawa, runs for 45 days
KAWA, Simple Yet Powerful Java IDE
Introduction to WingEditor
free: mpTOOLS
Java/JavaScript Resource Center
The Java Developer: How Do I...
Freedom Software's Java Center
InstantDB - A Java Database Engine
Java Class Warehouse
Making Sense of Java
SourceAgain: Web based Java Decompiler (Ahpah Software Products)
Tree Package
Java classes for HyTropes
The Java Centre Applets - The J files
Game: Magic Cups
Cyno's Editor
WWK Chinese Checkers
Electric charges in Java
jTree Applet
Java Applets - Applets - WebWerks
Java clocks: Java play area, Gareth Evans
C/S Software Solutions - JavaRhythms
RealTime Collaborative Groupware for JAAS -- Intro
ColorTest Applet
Rolf's Calculator
JavaChart Home Page
The WDVL: The Java Gallery
The Hylegrove Java Machine
The WDVL: Topics Index
Nick & Gabriella's Place
The WDVL: The Java Universe
Inter-aplet communication: Too much coffee...
Concurrent Programming in Java: Design principles and patterns
Digital Equipment Corporation's Java Home Page
Frequently Asked Questions on Java
european mirror: Digital Equipment Corporation's Java Home Page
Native Application Interfaces & Databases
FTP Directory:
KAFFE - A virtual machine to run Java(tm)* code
The Real Scoop on Java
Class Acme.MainFrame
ACME Java - Software
Toba: A Java-to-C Translator
The Java(TM) Boutique: A Collection of Java Applets
applet to show visitor name:
also for java: Netscape DevEdge - Library
Web Developer: All About Java
TeamJava HQ
CGI Programming in Java
GUI Programming using Java
PING Software Group
webMethods - Automate the Web
Experimental Multimap viewer, genetic, Java
Vasile's TabKey class
investigate client system: Vasile's HomePage
Java Decompilers
Go in Java: Tesuji Software
J Forge Home Page
Mocha, the Java Decompiler
JOBE - The Java Obfuscator
Java decompilers compared - JavaWorld - July 1997
ICE: DataTechnology
Glen McCluskey & Associates C++ / Java Consulting
The Container and Algorithm Library
Roasted Java News
JDC: Log in
Top Ten Reasons Why Java Simplifies C++
Java for Scientific Computing
MuLaW - The Multi Language Web Authoring System
Neil Aggarwal's Home Page
IBM Centre for Java Technology Development
Obfuscate home page
Java Application Site
Welcome to Fortress
XTC, the X Tool Collection
Package XTC
MPI Informatik Saarbrücken FOPRA Zeichnen endlichen Automaten
also maketree: Home of the 4tH compiler
ya: Java-Linux
yaa: Java-Linux
GNU Virtual Machine for Java
Japhar - The Hungry Java Runtime
The Java(tm) Telnet Applet
TransVirtual Technologies, Inc.
JGV Home Page
Java Gallery: Tetris
The Java Lattice
Visualisation in the SPROUT molecular design program


Python Language Home Page
The Whole Python FAQ
Python Port to VMS
Fnorb Homepage
Introductory Material on Python
Python & Linux
Download Python Software
Contributed Python Software
Directory of /pub/comp/programming/languages/script/python

Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming
OO Resources (24-Aug-1994)
Constructing OO Software in Interactive Graphical Environments, Antology
Object-Oriented Information Sources
Tower Technology Corporation Home Page
Welcome to IONA Technologies
TakeFive - SNiFF+ 2.2 Evaluation
Source-Navigator: Multix, Koppany Janos
Inter-Language Unification -- ILU
Index to Object-Oriented Information Sources
ULC Interpreter building tool
The ULC system is a tool to build interpreters for a
special (rich) family of languages. Each language
will be strongly typed, possibly polymorphic, and may
support infix operators that can be overloaded.
End-users only see types in error messages and in
descriptions of syntax, since type information is
inferred based on use, the descriptions of syntax and
constants (e.g. some languages will allow a variable
to be allocated, but must insist on inferring its type
from the way it is used.)
CORBA: Arachne, Decision Systems Group
Cetus Links: 6568 Links on Object-Orientation
omniORB_2.5.0 - Release Notes
OMG Points of Interest
"ObjecTime - Developer Central"
ObjecTime -- Developer Central - Links
The Object-Oriented Page
CERN/Digital: ObjectBroker
Digital: ObjectBroker
ObjectBroker InfoCenter, Software Product Descriptions
DIGITAL - AllConnect for UNIX


ILOG Homepage: optimization and visualization
ILOG web index
ILOG Views evaluation
Oberflächen unter ILOG-Views
An Overview of Ilog Views
Ilog Views (CERN ECP/IPT Software Development Tools)

Cracking utilities

Cracking Files
Warez File Area
Digital Under-WaReZ: Cracking Utilities
Files Page
Cosmos' Underground


Visual Basic
Carl & Gary's Visual Basic Home Page
closed: DoDi's Homepage
Index of /thevbpro/files/
Softworks VBVM runs VB 5 Everywhere


SQL Standards Home Page
SQL: The Standard and the Language
Oracle FAQ : Documents Available
Watcom SQL Feature Summary
Scalable SQL 3.0 Relational Client/Server Database Feature Highlights
Guidelines for developing SQL
SQL Server for Windows NT Reviewer's Guide
Overview of the Oracle7 Server, SQL, and PL/SQL
Comparison matrix
Oracle Web Application Server Documentation Roadmap
PHP/FI Version 2.0
mSQL - Manual
mSQL 2.0 Manual - Language Specification
Mini SQL User's Guide
CQL++ SQL Database Management System
SQL Language
FIPS 127-2 - Database Language SQL
SQL FAQ: Table of Contents
SQL Environments (FIPS 193)
FTP Directory:
FTP Directory:

Finite-State Machine Applications

Finite-State Machine Links
Kestrel Institute-REACTO Verification System
The VIS Home Page
Welcome to Alta!
SPW Finite State Machine
Formal Methods at ORA


Antivirus Help
Virus Central
One of David Harley's home pages....
FTP Directory:
Data Fellows Virus Information Centre
DataRescue - Index for the AVP On-Line Virus Database
Virus Information Library
Metropolitan Network BBS Inc. - AVP Virus Encyclopedia
Virus Bulletin Home Page
Index of available WildLists
FTP Directory:
FTP Directory:
FTP Directory:
Wazzu Virus
Microsoft Word document macro viruses
Information on the Word Prank Macro
Cleaning the Word Macro-Virus
Virus Information Library


ActiveX Home
Cetus Links: 5545 Links on Object-Orientation / ActiveX & OLE
CORBA and DCOM: How Each Works /WW March 24, 1997
Search (InfoWorld)

Resources for Programming Language Research
Steve Summit's home page: C FAQ pointer
W. Richard Stevens' Home Page: Communication
Unix Programming Frequently Asked Questions - Table of Contents
Unix Socket Programming,
Software tools in production (CERN ECP/IPT Software Development Tools)
Software development tools evaluation papers (CERN ECP/IPT Software Development Tools)
STORM: Software Testing Online Resources/MTSU
Testing Tools Supplier List
Interface Technologies On-line Training Center
Information Query
Advanced Network Products, Inc. -- Products.
Computer Science Lecture Notes
ANSI C Tutorial
The Andrew User Interface System
wxWindows Information
CRPC: Recent Accomplishments
FTP Directory:
Other Sources
GNUpro: Project Technology, Inc.
Cygnus Solutions -- Technical Info
Cygnus GNU Tech Library
Logo Programming Language: HomePage for Brian Harvey (bh@cs.Berkeley.EDU)
Web-Integrated Software Environment Home Page [1]
mSQL: Hughes Technologies Web Site
File formats
The Cross-Platform Page: Encoding and Compression Formats
Software - Network Backup
Parallel Performance Group, Inc. High-Performance, High-Technology Software
CASE: WWW Virtual Library - Software Engineering


ION Homepage
IONizer Honepage
ION RICIS Report RB.03A.1

egcs project home page
The comp.programming.threads FAQ: part 1 of 1
The Mesa 3-D graphics library
MOLMOL - MOLecule analysis and MOLecule display
Forth Interest Group Home Page
RSM, C & C++ Code Quality and Metrics Tool
C utility functions: Praeclarus: Libretto
yacuf: Mike Borella's genparser
yet another c utility function: genparse
Computer Terms and Abbreviations
Tutorials, programming languages
SunScript Home Page
Gateway to OpenGL Info
California PATH - Shift Home Page
Software Bugs

General URL Lists

Special Internet Connections: Last update 7/1/94
Online Manuals
Fraga's Page


FAQ collections

Welcome to FAQ Server
The Internet FAQ Consortium
Usenet FAQs In Hypertext

Search FAQs

Usenet WWW FAQ Archive Search<
Utrecht CS News.Answers FAQ Access Methods
Usenet Hypertext FAQ Archive Search<
Usenet FAQs In Hypertext

!! UUCS News.Answers FAQ Wais Gateway
Directory of
Home Page FAQ Library: FAQs in HTML
Home Page FAQ Library, mirror inGermany
Swiss SunSITE: FAQ Archive
Frequently Asked Questions: archive at
good: FAQs by Newsgroup
Related FAQs: comp.answers
Index of /hypertext/faq/usenet/
The WDG's FAQ Archives
Virtual Computer Library: FAQs
Oxford: Search FAQs
Utrecht CS News.Answers FAQ Access Methods
MLF: FAQ gyűjtemény

Unix Socket Programming,
Unix Socket Programming,
W. Richard Stevens' Home Page: Communication
ISDN FAQ from MultiThread Consultants
TCP/IP Primer Frequently Asked Questions
SSL-Talk FAQ v1.0.3
ZNYX Tech: Glossary of Networking Terms
Networking Guide (SCO OpenServer)
Ssh (Secure Shell) FAQ - Frequently asked questions
SSH(1) manual page
FAQ: pcnfs-faq
FAQ: How to find people's E-mail addresses
Novell FAQ -- INDEX Page
BME mirror: Novell FAQ -- INDEX Page
Link collection: Charm Net Personal IP Page
Charles Spurgeon's Ethernet (IEEE 802.3) Web Site
TLGnet Documentation
Citilink FAQ - Hayes Modem Command Set
Configuring Interfaces
Telecom Tidbits
(phone) Sci.electronics FAQ
Networking Course Table of Contents
DCE Frequently Asked Questions (last modified 23-Aug-97)
Network Research Group: Internet Protocol
PORTUS Tutorial Index (firewall)
Networking Tips and Frequently Asked Questions
Networking Hardware
MRTG: The Multi Router Traffic Grapher
Network Research Navigator: Overview
protocol papers and books: protocols tcp/ip.
Yahoo! Computers and Internet:Communications and Networking:Protocols:TCP/IP


CompInfo - Systems Management and System Security - Information Sources & Suppliers
computer-security/sniffers FAQ
Stack Smashing Security Vulnerabilities
Security Management of Novell Intranets and Internets
(also glossary) NCSA Firewall Information
NCSA Firewall Information
Security Library--Glossary of Security Terms
Intranet - Firewalls
IBM: Firewall Product Functional Summary
Gauntlet Internet Firewall
Atomic Void: The Legend Continues -X security
Exploits: dead links
Welcome to Rootshell | Hosted by
ITB 12. Ajánlás
Az Informatikai Tárcaközi Bizottság ajánlásai
TPEP Evaluated Products by Rating
SSH - Products - SSH Protocols - SSH protocols
Ssh (Secure Shell) FAQ - Frequently asked questions
Tips für Linux
Getting started with SSH


World Wide Web FAQ: mirror in Austria
World Wide Web FAQ: original,
Unofficial Netscape FAQ
Netscape: Source Code External FAQ
ERROR: The requested URL could not be retrieved
Remote Control of UNIX Netscape
The Web Robots Pages
Other WWW Tutorials
ITI Online Training Center
Majordomo Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Frequently asked questions about Active x



Answers to FAQs about XFree86
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about XFree86
mirror at Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about XFree86
The Linux Configuration Page
The Linux/XFree86 Monitor Database
Colas XFree Modeline Generator
Bookmarks for David S. Cargo

Widget FAQ
(yet another) Widget FAQ
Motif FAQ Index
MW3: FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions
LessTif Frequently Asked Questions
Index of /~lvirden/tcl-faq

AI-related: Scheme

Scheme FAQ
FAQ: Scheme Frequently Asked Questions 1/2 [Monthly posting]
FAQ: Scheme Implementations and Mailing Lists 2/2 [Monthly posting]
Cycorp, Inc.
Artificial Intelligence FAQ
FAQ: Expert System Shells 1/1 [Monthly posting]
FAQ: Fuzzy Logic and Fuzzy Expert Systems 1/1 [Monthly posting]


PC HWFAQ in HTML:* Frequently Asked Questions
PC HWFAQs: FAQ Page von Stefan Benzinger

Link Collections

Link Collection: Programs and Technical Information
Dick Perron's PC Hardware Links page
500 COOL Links
Tom's Hardware Guide
The PC Friendly Internet Hardware Vendors Links
Fraga's Page
Cubic Archive - Hardware
Microprocessor Interfacing - Table of Contents
Introduction to the PC
PC-dator - komplement
Welcome to The PC Guide!


CHIPLIST 9.3 by Aad Offerman, 05-07-96
Tom's Hardware Guide (Pentium PC Class)
Intel Architecture Processors FAQ's
To P or not to P
The Intel 80x86 Processor - What makes it tick?
Identification of x86 CPUs with CPUID support
BETA Numero 4: Hardware: Tabella CPU
Intel Secrets: Table of Contents
On-line Intel Documentation
Chip directory
CPU registers: Chip directory
On-line Intel Documentation
CPU Review


Motherboard HomeWorld -
Motherboard Manufacturers
SurfUSA's Motherboard Technology Page
Computer Hardware & Software Links
Charlies Hardware Page
Motherboard Information: Manuals
Chipset Information
PCI chipsets list
Manual Page
Acer UK Limited Technical Index
Acer: Contact Information
Acer European Links
Acer Computer GmbH - Willkommen
AOpen Homepage
The TMC PAT48AN Motherboard
Motherboard Manufacturers - the Motherboard HomeWorld
BIOS Numbers
Motherboard HomeWorld - motherboard home
The Mainboard Guide
Specifications: Welcome to ANCs GIGA-BYTE WWW Site
Tyan products
Motherboard HomeWorld - Chips
The Chipset Guide (tomshardware)
AMD - Contents
AMD-K6® processor Recommended Motherboards
AMD Recommended Motherboards
A Gathering Place: Chipsets
A Gathering Place
Books and Magazine Articles
Chipsets: The Most Important Components in a Computer System
ABIT Computer Corp.

Firmware (BIOS)

BIOS Information
BIOS Types
Micro Firmware Home Page
Phoenix/Quadtel BIOS Technical Support
FTP Directory:
Changing Hidden BIOS Settings
English verstion of CTCHIPZ docs.
BIOS Information
Welcome to Wim's BIOS Page !
BIOS Numbers
FTP Directory:
Changing Hidden BIOS Settings
AOpen Technical Service -- Mainboard
AOpen Technical Service
BIOS Types
DOWNLOAD.COM -- List of BIOS & System Updates


Unicore Software Inc.
products: LBA PRO card
BIOS Upgrade for AMI systems

Welcome to Wim's BIOS Page !
MR BIOS Upgrades
MR BIOS: Index of /ftp/
x86 Assembly Language FAQ - General Part III
Index of /docs/
AMI FTP site: FTP Directory:

Mass Storage

Evolving FAQ/Reference for, Part 1/2
ATA FAQ: Peter den Haan's storage page
Iomega Zip FAQ 1.9
Issues With Hard Drives Over 4GB
Harddrive Related Tools and Information
HDNW - Software
DiscWizard Installation Software
How to Add a Second Hard Drive



Fil's FAQ-Link-In Corner: SCSI FAQ
other: Fil's FAQ-Link-In Corner: LinkIn: SCSI FAQ
Evolving FAQ/Reference for, Part 1/2
The Linux SCSI programming HOWTO
General SCSI Information
SCSI-2 Specification (Draft X3T9.2 Rev 10L)


Guide for Troubleshooting and Repairing Clone PCs
Guide for Troubleshooting and Repairing Clone PCs
Welcome to Gateway 2000
Troubleshooting Floppy Drive Problems
Troubleshooting IDE Hard Drive Problems

Alpha Firmware Internet Readme
Customer Support -- FAQ Home Page - ESC Technologies 1-800-427-3726
Pentium(R) OverDrive(R) Processors - OverDrive(R) - Reseller/Retailer Page
168 CluB
PHOAKS: Resources for
pinouts:* FAQ: Section 8
Anand's Hardware Tech Page
Technical Support Pages
Tech Support: drivers, firmware
Hardseek: Hardware, hardware sweet hardware!
Chip directory
Chip directory - Index
Chip directory
FAQs by Newsgroup under ""
PC Glossary
TheRef (tm) Drive and Controller Guide
COMPUTERCRAFT Shows You How To Upgrade and Repair PCs
HwB: The Hardware Book
HwB: WWW Links
Manufacturers: Hardware, hardware sweet hardware!
Andrew's Web Resources - Computer Hardware Page
AltaVista: Simple Query +ami +"rom bios" +download -laptop
How to Build a PC - The Motherboard HomeWorld
newer: How to Build a PC - the Motherboard HomeWorld
Printer repair faq
Sci.Electronics Faq: Repair: Select Repair Briefs
!!!Sci.Electronics.Repair FAQ: Table of Contents (ToC)
Sci.Electronics FAQ: Battery Info Menu
mirror in Italy: Sci.Electronics.Repair FAQ: Table of Contents (ToC)
Sci.Electronics.Repair FAQ: Main Table of Contents (ToC)
current Battery links: Sci.Electronics.Repair FAQ: Main Table of Contents (ToC)
Italian: Antenne
PIC microcontroller faq Index
Hard Drive and CD-ROM Specifications


comp.speech WWW site: Australia
comp.speech WWW site: UK
comp.speech WWW site: Japan
comp.speech WWW site: USA
The Festival Speech Synthesis System

Programming Languages

C, C++

Steve Summit's home page: C FAQ pointer
C++ FAQs Lite, Marshall Cline
Available C++ Libraries FAQ
Frequently asked questions about the GNU C++ compiler - Table of Contents

Catalog of Free Compilers and Interpreters: introduction
Catalog of Compiler Construction Tools
Lisp FAQ
Icon Programming Language FAQ
Scheme FAQ
PHOAKS: Resources for comp.lang.tcl
FlagShip FAQs
Tcl/Tk: SunScript Home Page


Global Cobol Information
COBOL Foundation - Home Page
The Flexus COBOL Page
COBOL Center : The COBOL Home Page for COBOL standards, COBOL programming, COBOL reengineering, COBOL tools, COBOL skills improvement, COBOL sample code, COBOL jobs
COBOL Training / COBOL Education / COBOL Learning Resource Directory
simple tutorial:
DEC COBOL Reference Manual
COBOL Tutorial
Emile van Gelderen's Cobol / 2000 page
File Library at Channel 1: Misc. Programming Languages
COBOL Seminars, COBOL Courses, and COBOL Training Directory
The Calendar FAQ

Graphics, Color

Poynton's Color Technology Page
Poynton's Colour FAQ
The Mesa 3-D graphics library FAQ list
link collection: cg@{Codepage}
gnuplot FAQ
Gnuplot FAQ
Charles Poynton - Color technology
color physics: Steve Westland
The Colour Physics FAQ
Official 3Dom Website
The VRwave Home Page
comp.lang.vrml Frequently Asked Questions
Comp.Graphics.Algorithms FAQ, Contents
The as-yet-unnamed implementation of the GLX protocol
GLUT 3.6 now available!
The Linux 3Dfx HOWTO: FAQ: Glide and XFree86?
Graphics File Formats FAQ
All About Color - Color Information & Trends homegurrrl page
International Commission on Illumination
Computer Graphics Color Space
Color in Image and Video
Greg Thoenen's color space java applets
The COLORING Pages, serving the art, science, and industry of coloring.
The Ultimate Internet COLORING Data Base
Computer Graphics Colour Spaces.
LEAD Technologies, Inc. Home Page
TN-Image (Linux, image analysis sw) ftp-site
Lawrence Gozum's Page (at AOL): VidFun

comp.lang.awk FAQ
Anonymous FTP: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) List
ERROR: The requested URL could not be retrieved
ERROR: The requested URL could not be retrieved
Platform Independent GUI FAQ


Ghostscript, Ghostview and GSview
Ghostscript, Ghostview and GSview
HP Color LaserJet 5M
Ghostscript Devices

PostScript monthly FAQ v2.02 02-09-93 [07-10 of 12]
Directory of /info_service/Netnews/periodic-postings
The comp.fonts Home Page: FAQ & Resources
Honeywell Inc. IAC - Config. Mgmt.
Object-Orientation FAQ -- Title Page
Gord's Low-nonsense, somewhat pro-Microsoft, Windows 95 (tm) FAQ
USENET FAQs - rec.bicycles.misc
The CORBA FAQ --- Frequently Asked Questions
Vi Editor Faq
Vim faq:
The Z notation: Formal specification language
Unix Programming Frequently Asked Questions - Table of Contents
Linux/Alpha Frequently Asked Questions
The OS/2 WWW Homepage
OS2 User Information
Comp.Lang.ML FAQ [Monthly Posting]


Gnus 5.x Frequently Asked Questions (20-Oct-1996)
Gnus 5.2 Manual - Table of Contents

COMP.EMULATORS.MISC Frequently Asked Questions List
single file: COMP.EMULATORS.MISC Frequently Asked Questions List
PDP8 FAQ: FTP Directory:
FTP Directory:
Chip directory
Windows: May 1955-How-To Columns
The Z Shell
The Z shell FAQ
zsh FAQ
DCE Frequently Asked Questions (last modified 21-Jan-97)
The Wine (Windows Emulator) FAQ - Frames Version
Honeywell Inc. IAC - Software Configuration Management Index
Technical Illustration FAQ
GIS Frequently Asked Questions and General Info List Index
All about the SGI FAQs
FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about CGI Programming
Solaris 2 FAQ
Pine Information Center
Project Management Programs - Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)
ProFutura Professional
Project Manager's Control Tower
The comp.programming.threads FAQ: part 1 of 1
The comp.fonts FAQ
ActiveX FAQ - New Answers
Comp.realtime: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Applixware faq
Sci.Electronics FAQ: Main Q&A List
FTP Directory: Electrical Wiring FAQ
comp.periphs.printers FAQ - Home Page
other: comp.periphs.printers FAQ - Home Page
The Windows 95 QAID



ISO Catalogue
Other Web servers providing standards information
Introduction to ISO
Standards handbooks
Information publications

Library of Congress - Standards

Technical Reports

Technical Reports - world list
Technical Reports
Country maps from W3 servers in Europe
Technotes: Stacker for Windows & DOS
Publications and Technical Reports
Compiler Based Architectures
A Novel Paradigm of Parallel Computation and its Use to Implement Simple High-Performance Hardware
Overview of Modern Processor Architecture
16 Brief History of Microprocessors

Technical Specifications, Computer hardware

PC hardware page
The Red Hill Guide to Computer Hardware
Plug and Play Specifications
Hardware: SWT: Pentium PCI IDE System

Cable, Connector Pinouts

EasyConnection Pin Outs and Wiring Diagrams
HwB: The Hardware Book
Telephone Plug Types by Country
RJ-11 - PC Webopaedia Definition and Links
Blue Box
HTINews Article - Low Voltage Home Pre-Wire Guide
Small Office and Home Office Networking with ISDN
Modular Wiring Reference
Home Automation Index
Low Voltage Home Pre-Wire Guide

Mass Storage

Removable Media

TheRef (tm) Drive and Controller Guide

Removable Disk Media

Syquest Product Specification
SyQuest Product Gallery
Jim's Unofficial Iomega Home Page

DAT Tape Drives

4 MM DAT Drives
4mm Digital Audio Tape Family
TB #016: What do you call this, DAT or DDS?
TLZ07 4mm Digital Audio Tape Drive
SWXTA-BA (TLZ07) 4mm DAT Tape Drive
Summary: Using a TLZ07 with Ultrix 4.4
dec-managers: Using a TLZ07 on a DECsystem 5000/200 - Ultrix 4.4

! Fixed Disk Reference
Frank Pikelner
Evolving FAQ/Reference for, Part 1/2
Blue-Planet, Quality Storage Solutions!
The WWW site
Hard Drive Related Documents


Seagate Disc Drive Products
High Performance Medalist


Q u a n t u m : Capacity for the Extraordinary
Quantum Products
Quantum Product Manuals
Quantum Universal Configuration Guide
Quantum Product Archive (also XP32150)
1995 Annual Report: Part I - Item 1 : Products
1995 Annual Report: Part I - Item 1 : Products
White Paper: Quantum | Ultra ATA

Maxtor's Drive Index
Western Digital - Hard Drive Products
Red Hill: Large IDE Drives



Sony Computer Products Guide Home Page
miro Computer Products AG homepage
PC Monitor Specs
Die Monitore der Firma W&S
Axion & Eizo Monitors
Shopper's Guide:Monitors
ViewSonic Monitors
Index Glossary of Terms
PC Monitor Specs
Other PC Monitor Specs Resources
Action Computer Technology - computer monitors
The World Wide Web Monitor Database

Monitor lists

Resolve Monitor Repair Database

TechWare Electronics Corp (TWE USA) Info & Compatible Monitor Adapters
! TWE: PX-14LR Spec. & Compat.
MAXDATA - Produktübersicht
Welcome to GVC GmbH

Hercules Dynamite 128/Video Spec Sheet
Graphics Cards
Computer Gaming World 3D testing: What are the facts?

UPS, Battery
Rechargeable Battery Characteristics
UPS, Battery:
UPS, Battery
Electro-Chemical Power Systems Home Page
The Electrochemical Society, Inc. Home Page
Battery Care Q&A
P-3676 Document - Lead Acid Batteries
RAM cell FAQ
Lead-Acid batteries
Sci.Electronics FAQ: Battery Info Menu
Sci.Electronics FAQ: Battery Info Menu

ATX Motherboard Specification
ATX Form Factor
DRAM Specification
Comp-Info: a searchable database of technical specs of computer component s.
1. Modem String/CCL (all)
modem: costmo's Other Resources


PJL Commandos
HP DeskJet 1600C Printer Support Documentation
HP DeskJet 1200C/PS Printer, HP DeskJet 1600C Printer Family and HP CopyJet, CopyJet M Printer/Copier - PCL5 Escape Sequences, Printing from DOS Applications
Hewlett Packard PCL Laser Overlay creation utility
SwiftView - PCL and HPGL viewer
Pendragon Laboratories - Printer Testing Suites, Tools and Services
PCL: Language of LaserJets
Michael Etti /PCL5 programming

Postscript: Technical Notes for Developers

Text processing utilites

Hotlist : Computer - UNIX


Getting Started with awk
UNIX Utilities - awk
LJ #25, May 1996: Introduction to Gawk
comp.lang.awk FAQ
BME: The GAWK Manual - Table of Contents
The GNU Awk User's Guide - Table of Contents


Getting Started with Sed
SED - Stream Editor
Asci file: sed.html


Index of Perl/HTML archives
PERL -- Practical Extraction and Report Language
PERL resources
The Perl Programming Language (old)
Yahoo! - Computers and Internet:Programming Languages:Perl
The Perl Language Home Page
Perl links to sites with scripts


The Chklogs Home Page

w3mir homepage
Hackercat Solutions
htmlpp, an html preformater ?
htmlchek HTML syntax and cross-reference checker version 4.1, February 20 1995 -- menu creates a structured list of your HTML files
Matt's Script Archive
Perl / SiteMap
The Perl Oasis: Perl scripts - Index
The Perl Oasis: File handling and processing - Index
The Perl Oasis: Programming tips - Index
The Perl Language Home Page
CPAN mirror at KFKI
PERL -- Practical Extraction and Report Language
mirror(Miskolc): PERL -- Practical Extraction and Report Language
Developing SGML Applications with Perl and SGMLS
PERL Programming Resource Center
Perl tutorial: Start
Perl Resources and Reviews
Perl Documentation
The Perl Language Home Page
Rex Swain's HTMLified Perl 5 Reference Guide
Perl Reference Guide & Perl 5 Desktop Guide
Introduction to Perl
Tutorials - Advanced - Perl - Net Links
Modules on CPAN alphabetically
Inconceivable Software
Matt's Script Archive
NTPerling Links: Perl Scripts
Perl ManPages
Henrik Edlund's Hacks - Rodian
Perl Limericks Perl Tutorial
The Perl 5 Module List
!!! - FAQs search also
enum - C style enumerated types and bitmask flags in Perl
CPAN Module documentation

a2ps home page
TrueType History


LAOLA Homepage, Sep/23/97

Quickscript: Graham Freeman's Home Page
LyX - The Document Processor
About ICE
Chakotay - Main

DEC Product Documentation, Index
Inter-Language Unification -- ILU
ILU Reference Manual - Table of Contents
Online library: Reference Desk
GNU Docs
Statistics Glossary - Main Contents
IPT - Information and Programming Technology Group
The Human-Languages Page
Documentation: URL Collection at
ACM SIGMOD Index of publicly available database software
Unavailable: Xlib Programming Manual (O'Reilly & Associates, Inc.): Table of Contents
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> because a fulltext stylesheet is not currently available for the DTD
> used by this book.
> Please notify the server administrator at
> as soon as possible. Thank you.
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
Archive Comparison Test (A.C.T.)
Directory of /pub/virus/texts/viruses
Common Lisp the Language, 2nd Edition
PSUtils (PostScript File Manipulation)
SD-ID/ETHZ, Installed Software
Guide to Network Resource Tools
[AlphaServer 2100 4/200] Firmware Update Procedures
PC Webopaedia - List of Terms
mindenféle: Névsor szerinti lista
(Italian) Fortune.IT
The Public-Access Computer Systems Review 8, no. 1 (1997)
The Public-Access Computer Systems Review
The New Hacker's Dictionary - Table of Contents
pointer: Microsoft Office 97 File Formats On Line
GNU Emacs Manual - Table of Contents
GNU Emacs Lisp Reference Manual - Table of Contents
The Jargon File
Parabola's Humor Archive
The New Dictionary Of Ninaish
T & L on the WWW
Units of Measurement
CNE Tutorial Modules
XTree Fan Page / Directory

Big/Useful Hotlists/Homepages of other people

My homepage at sunserv
Azazil's Homepage;
John Groenveld's Cool URL List
John Groenveld's cool URL list
Gerald's Big, Bad, and Ugly Hotlist
Gerald's Big, Bad, and Ugly Hotlist
C++ Mike Stump's Home Page
Ian Wiese's Home Page
Mag's Bodacious Hotlist: old URL
Mag's Bodacious Hotlist
Other People's HTML Stuff
Elwood Charles Downey
Matt Carlson's PC(Personal Computer) Page
Bruce's Home Page
Wonderful Wolrd of Droz has moved...
P. Peterlin, Ljubjana: Hot Links to Cool Sites
Chris's Home Page
Ryan's Mega Hotlist of WWW Servers
Jean-Michel Leon's Bookmarks
THE NAVAS GROUP Home Page: hardware selection
Modem related stuff
Recommendings to select hardware
Jean Renard Ward's Bookmarks
John's Monster Hotlist
Michael Thome's Bookmarks
jwz's bookmarks
Jim's Hot Links
Agnew's Home Page
Tomas Olovsson's hotlist
Dr. Mihaly Zsigmond
MACA's selection of links
Albert Cahalan
Russ Dove's Bookmarks
Patrick Palmen's Bookmarks
Michael_Ks Lesezeichen
Karim Ratib: GUI, Graphics, Algorithm Links
Kéri Gerzson kezdő oldala
Eric D. Hendrickson's Bookmarks
Smart Folders
Howard Smith's Bookmarks
Gaspar Sinai's Computer Links
creator of the Unicode text editor Yudit
Martindale's 'The Reference Desk'
Bookmarks for Philippe Strauss
Alexey Vladimirov: Microchip Net resources
Nexus Computing: Mirror of David Tait's PIC Links
Physics Formulary: Home Page of ir. J.C.A. Wevers
Hotlist from Christopher Neufeld
Dave Beazley: SWIG
Tamas Kemeny's Bookmarks
Cynbe's Humongous Hotlist: Mixed Net Knowledge, Knick-Knacks & Nuts
Terence R. Bogayong's Links to Everywhere
Michael Ng's Bookmarks
Cam Clarke's Bookmarks


Magyaroszagi kozepiskolak a halozaton
ITI Online Training Center
The Online World resources handbook

Online Unix courses (not tested)
Jean Ettinger

HCI: Human Computer Interaction

Interactions Resources: Guidelines and Standards
Suggested Readings on HCI, UI, and HF
Task-Centered User Interface Design (Lewis & Rieman)
Interactions Resources: Newsgroups and FAQs
Chris's Home Page
Cumulative list of HCI Resource URLs
User Interface Software Tools
User Interface Software Tools: mirror in Austria
Human-Computer Interaction Resources on the Net
International AVS Center
Vertical Research, Inc. - User Interface Design - Usability - Web Design - User Testing - Product Inspections - Remote Inspections - Design Guidelines - User Interviews - Task Analyses - User Profiles - Prototype Building - Help Systems - Usability Testing - UI
/uiindex/ -

Electronic Databases

!! Open News Server Lists: all dead

backup: AMP's List of Free Open NNTP Usenet Servers
->, dead link
list of lists: Free News Server List! - List of Public Access Servers
Resource Center - Public News Servers
Öffentliche Newsserver
ServerSeekers.Com - Public News Servers
ServerSeekers.Com - New Public News Servers
ServerSeekers.Com - Older Public News Servers

Subjective Electronic Information Repository
Technical Information homepage
The C++ Virtual Library
Online library: Reference Desk
Everything Online


Magyar Elektronikus Könyvtár
Magyar Elektronikus Konyvtar: gopher://
OMIKK WWW server
Barbara Stewart's TOP 200
Library of Congress World Wide Web (LC Web) Home Page
The On-line Books Page
The Universal Library Project
Gutenberg project ftp site directory
The Internet Book Information Center, Inc.
The Whole Wired Word: No. 1.2 Books! Earth's Biggest Bookstore.
CS + ECE Libraries/Library Catalogs Page -- CMU Libraries
On-line Reference Works
Hypertext Webster Interface
CS + ECE Journals/Magazines Page -- CMU Libraries

Library of Congress WWW/Z39.50 Gateway
Index to Object-Oriented Information Sources

Online Newspapers, Press, Radio, TV


PORT INFO: Moziműsor, TV műsor, Utazási ajánlatok, Kulturális szervezetek adatai, Nyelviskolák [PRIM Online]
HuDir: Hírek: Számítástechnikai újságok
Magyar ujsagok az Interneten
Nemzet - Magyar Internet Világlap
HVG Online
HVG Sajtószemle
ADO '97 adatbazis
Figyelo Rt. HomePage
Figyelo - Bemutatkozas
Privat Profit - Bemutatkozas
Népszabadság Online címlap
Nepszava Online
Magyar Hírlap Ottlap
Magyar Nemzet
iNteRNeTTo hírarchívum
IDG Magyarorszag
Szamitastechnika CWSZT
Welcome to the PC-X Magazin home page
Edupage Magyarul
Budapesti Piac Honlap
Rádió és Televízió Újság
Autó Motor Online
A Magyar Rádió honlapja: eléggé használhatatlan
Magyar Televízió - Hungarian Television
TV műsor
Apropó interaktív magazin
Természet Világa
Teletext: Duna Televízió
HUNINFO Bt nyitó lap
Világgazdaság Online
F o r n a x M O N I T O R
CHIP Magazin archívum
Adózási info: Heves Megyei Hírlap
VGA Monitor - VIII. évf. 17. szám - 1998. április 24.
Újságosstand, Élet és Irodalom
Élet és Irodalom, 1999. II. félév


E-journal Metaindexes and Indexes

Ejournal SiteGuide : a MetaSource
Ejournal SiteGuide : Narrative Guide
CS + ECE Journals/Magazines Page -- CMU Libraries
HyperJournal Contents Page
AJR/NewsLink: European Journals
1995 ARL directory of E-journals
Directory of E-Journals, Newsletters & Academic Discussion Lists
from the Association of Research Libraries
Since it is an annual listing, entries may not be current.
Computers magazines Ziff-Davis PC help software

Selected CS & ECE Journals

Infoseek Guide : Headline News
Infoseek Guide : World News
UNIX Review
The Web Developer's Journal
UnixWorld Online Magazine Home Page
UnixWorld Online Table of Contents Page
UnixWorld Online Resources Page
Welcome to Web Week -- WW June 17, 1996
Welcome to Web Developer Magazine Online
Websight Magazine
GIF image 612x792 pixels
Software Net Online Publications !slow
Welcome to PC Week

Teletext sources

Uj Kepujsag Kft. Honlapja
TeleNET - Internet Teletext Service
Welcome to the CERN Teletext Server
Televideo in Italy
Gerben's favourite pages from Teletekst

Audio On-Demand: RealAudio Index
The New York Times on the Web
Der Standard (Austria, first: 10. Juli 1996)
Oberösterreich-Online, OON, Welcome
Die Deutsche Bank Home Page
Aktienkurse am Frankfurt
Aktienkurse Frankfurt: text version
valutakonverzió: HVG-Plusz
Deutsche Morgan Grenfell: Optionsschein
Times Newspapers Ltd. Internet Space: Registered
SPIEGEL online
Playboy Home Page - Open Your Mind!
Der STERN - Deutschlands größtes Magazin - im Internet
Sys Admin Home Page
Useful links from Octopus Systems
Quick links from Octopus Systems
Welcome to Times internet space
Quality Magazine, December 1995
BYTE Magazine
BYTE Column: Hands On Linux, Tim Orbaker (May 31st, 1999): Page 1
BootNet ... Pure PC Power
Dr. Dobb's Web Site
Sys Admin Web Site
-- Linux Focus --
Deutsche Welle
Deutsche Welle Radio Deutsches Programm: Programmdatenbank
Scientific American

Software depos: GNU, Simtel, CICA, Goodies links, Archives


GNU's Not Unix! - the GNU Project of the Free Software Foundation (FSF)
Gnu (Free Software Foundation) documentation
GNU Docs
Glimpse Index
KFKI anonftp /pub/gnu
GNU project manuals
FTP Directory:
FTP Directory:
Stellar Crisis


FTP Directory:

www/ftp Coast to Coast Archive Simtel Msdos: The Coast to Coast Software Repository (tm) Win3: The Coast to Coast Software Repository (tm)
FTP.Coast.NET /SimTel
The Coast to Coast Software Repository (tm)

Win3: FTP Directory:
DOS: FTP Directory: /pub/msdos /pub/msdos/windows /pub/msdos/Simtel

(http|ftp) Walnut Creek CDROM Home /pub/simtelnet /pub/simtelnet/msdos /pub/simtelnet/win3
Walnut Creek CDROM
-"- The Archives
Index of /pub
Simtel.Net - Keith Petersen's Shareware Distribution Network
The Simtel.Net Windows 3.x Collection Contents
The Simtel.Net MS-DOS Collection Contents

Hungarian Mirror: Simtel.Net - Keith Petersen's Shareware Distribution Network


CICA: /win3 at winsite
CICA: Index of /pc/winsite/win3 at
CICA http: The WinSite(tm) Archive


Ethernet Drivers
2M 3.0

Source Code
Shareware: On the Net 1000+ shareware freeware sites; demos, downloads, evaluations

Links to individual programs

Internet Browsers/Viewers/Servers/External Viewers/Extensions

BrowserWatch Home Page


The Spinner WWW-Server

NCSA Mosaic

NCSA Mosaic Home Page
Directory of /Mosaic/Unix/binaries
Directory of /Mosaic/Unix/binaries/2.7b
NCSA X Mosaic Help On Version 2.7b5
X Mosaic Release Schedule
X/Mosaic 2.8 (Using Project: Hyperion)

Lynx FM 2-5 http served directory
redirected to:

Netscape Navigator

Download Netscape Navigator Software
Netscape Tricks
Cache Stuff
The hidden features of Netscape Navigator ouuups Mozilla !
Unofficial Netscape FAQ
Remote Control of UNIX Netscape
Netscape Products Archive
FTP Directory:
OpenVMS Internet Product Suite Information
OpenVMS Internet Product Suite: Beta version of Netscape Navigator Gold V3.0b8
OpenVMS Internet Product Suite: Netscape Navigator Version 3.03
Press Release
Symbol fonts (Greek letters) for Netscape
cryptography: Fortify for Netscape - Home Page

Mozilla: Netscape with free source code

Mozilla: M5 Plan
Daily News - MozillaZine! Your Source for Mozilla News and Advocacy news
Current Build Status & Testing Notes
Mozilla milestones

Download mirror in Hu (Linux 2.0.x, libc5): Directory of /mirrors/netscape/communicator/4.51/english/unix/supported/linux20_libc5
enprt.csh -- Entitled Printing from Netscape Navigator under UN*X

External Viewers, Plugins


MPEG Moving Picture Expert Group FAQ
MPEG Moving Picture Expert Group Information
MPEG Moving Picture Expert Group info
Berkeley MPEG Research
Directory of /pub/cf/cfogg/mpeg2
Index of /mpeg/faq/ at
MPEG . ORG - MPEG Audio Resources and Softwares
MPEG . ORG - MPEG Starting Points
Splay V0.6 Homepage


Racz Peter's MP3 page
The MP3 Music Webring
MP3 FTP Sites
TK3PLAY: MPEG Audio Player
Just Music
Cobra's MP3 Site
ERROR: The requested URL could not be retrieved
The widest Mp3 archive on the net of Tufan Alper Akyuz
Adnaan's Mp3 Links
CJB's Site Search
MP3 Search Results
search enya
MP3 Search Results
search starwars

Download MpegTV Plug-in 1.0 for Unix

Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat Free Reader
Acrobat and the Web
Serving PDF on the Web
Adobe Acrobat Reader
Free Adobe Acrobat Reader Software
Creating PDF documents for the Web


RealAudio and Firewalls
Tech Support
Progressive Networks, The Home of RealAudio
The Linux Midi + Sound Main Page
Open Sound System (OSS) Free


StreamWorks player: TF-MediaNet - Software
TF-MediaNet - Media database
Real Radio StreamWorks Radio Stations
MpegTV - real-time MPEG software for Unix
MpegTV SDK 1.0 for Unix

networked filemanager: Midnight Commander (mc)

MC - Frontpage
closed: Finn mirror of /~jtklehto/mc/mc-mirror/, fast
Midnight Commander: Mexico
Czech, slow
FTP Directory:
FTP Directory:
GNU Midnight Commander

Welcome to Arena
Web Style Sheets
SoftQuad: Panorama PRO
Anchor Checker
Amaya Overview
The VRweb Home Page
urlmon: monitor URLs
An Overview of the WN server
X Swallow, Plugin for Unix Netscape
fetchurl archives
TkInfo: a browser for info files
Web Wrangler 1
The MidasWWW browser, an overview
FTP Directory:
FTP Directory:
Apache Week
MidasWWW VAX Installation Instructions
Browser: Opera, quick and small
The WWWOFFLE Homepage
Hawkeye Home Site Index
browser: mnemonic
www robot: Pavuk - HOME page



asWedit HTML editor at
asWedit at
asWedit HTML editor Homepage at

VI archives

VI archive in Norway, very busy
vi archive in Japan


Nedit Homepage
NEdit On-line Doc
FTP Directory:
FTP Directory:

emacs elisp archive


The KBackup Homepage
Tob (Tape Oriented Backup)
SnapBack--LAN Times 2/13/95
DATMAN: The Revolution in Tape Storage!
GHOST Software
Backup and Archive solution for UNIX and Windows NT servers
Download the fastest network backup in the industry
PerfectBACKUP+ - HotWire EasyFAX by Unisource Systems, Inc.


Directory of /pub/Arjuna


Games Domain - Games Games Games Games
Games Domain Search Facility
Games Domain - Direct Download/straregy
Lord Soth's Games on the Internet - Categorized List - Strategy Games for Windows 3.1
The Newest Games in the Universe
The Newest Games in the Universe
Clay's Strategy Gaming Page /old/
Clay's Strategy Gaming Page
The Independent Player's homepage for Wargames and Strategy Games
The GameMasters...Categories
Yahoo! - Recreation:Games:Computer Games
Lord Soth's Games on the Internet
Lord Soth's Games on the Internet - New Stuff
Lord Soth's Games on the Internet - Index
CNET gamecenter - sneak peeks - five games you can't miss
Just Download!
JCSM Shareware Author

Space Empires
Space Empires 3, registered shareware - Games Domain Review
Space Empires III - Game of Galactic Conquest
Malfador Machinations - "Diabolically Good Games"

Lambda MOO

FTP Directory:


MOO II Strategy Hints & Tips, Part 2
Master of Orion II Hints & Tips - Page 1 of 8
Master of Orion 2: Battle of Antares PreFAQ

Chez Marco's Software Top 10
Galactic Traveller

VGA Planets

Galactic Traveller - VGA Planets
VGA Planets
The Java VGA Planets Client

Galactic Traveller - Xpace
Dan and Dave's Software Center


Jeff Keene's Stars! repository
Links to Other Stars! Resources
Brian's Stars Page
Stephen Posey's Stars! Page
Stars Strategy Documents
Galactic Traveller - Stars!
Galactic Traveller
Galactic Traveller - File Download Area
Stars! Village
Stars! Shareware Download Sites - Stars!, The Premiere Space Strategy Conquest Game
MT Items
Official Stars! Strategy Guide for versions 2.6, 2.7
The Stars! Utility Site
Just what can I get out of Stars!?
The Magic Of Stars!

Xconq - Table of Contents
Xoftware Innovations Home Page
Neal's Sci-Fi Strategy Game Comparison
Pirates - The Quest For The Seas
Galaxy Server Home Page
Galaxy Next Generation
Galaxy FAQ
Parsec Homepage
Galaxy PBW home page

Other Utilities

Welcome to CodeColorizer Home Page
Menu - Windows Software for the Internet
Download Win32s
Quantum Software Library
FTP Directory:
UC: UniX11 Software Development Corporation
Unix Cockpit, filemanager
yancc: XNC Home Page
yet another NC clone
pbmplus (ppm): Index of /ftp/pub/DI/Fundamentos/Papers/mirror-ImperialCollege/DugganAJC/pbmcontrib
display data graphically: DISLIN
Official pftp homepage
Code to HTML converter

File Compressors

WinZip Home Page - Text Version
The bzip2 and libbzip2 home page

iWorld Brings You FreeLoader
IRQTUNE -- A Linux x86 IRQ Priority Optimizer
Info-ZIP Home Page
Inter-Language Unification -- ILU
Micro X-DOS
Wolfram Research: Makers of Mathematica
IPAD: drawing frontend (Sergio's Home Page)
ASCII to ps: a2ps home page
Java/c++ IDE softwarebuero m&b
Scheme compiler: Bigloo
FreeCiv's HomePage
Graph editor: angela! Homepage
The Graph Visualization System daVinci


netlib mirrors
Germany mirror: FTP Directory:
UK mirror: /netlib/master
Norvay mirror: netlib home page
USA mirror: netlib home page
France mirror: netlib home page

Junk Yard of the Net, Shareware
Goodie Domain Service
SWITCHinfo Mirror List
Perry's FTP-List Page
SGI Anonymous FTP list
OAK Software Repository
VSL: Front Desk at the OAK Repository (
XFree86(TM): Home Page
mirror in Germany: XFree86(TM): Home Page
XFree86(TM): Beta Mirror Sites
Accurate Research Home Page
OUCL Archive Service
AAA Site for Shareware, Freeware and Commercial Software! Search 60 million freeware, shareware, and commercial software files
Mathematica WWW Homepage at FOKUS
FTP Directory:
FTP Directory:
FTP Directory:
/ on SunSITE Czech Republic ( mc mirror)
FTP Directory: Netscape versions, mc mirror
File Library at Channel 1: PCBoard
SW categories: CHEST Directory
Links to Free PC Software


HTML, SGML documentation, tutorials, examples

HTML 4.0 Reference
HTML Tag Reference
Bare Bones Guide to HTML
The Bare Bones Guide to HTML
"The HTML Sourcebook" -- Second Edition
WWW Help Page
Introduction to HTML and URLs
HTML Help Pages


SoftQuad: SGML Resources
SGML on the Web
The SGML Web Page
SoftQuad: SGML: Your Multi-Platform Publishing and Information Management Solution
Public SGML Software
The SGML/XML Web Page


JUMBO and XML demonstration for WWW6
Scientific Information Components using Java/XML
JUMBO Frequently asked Questions

Symposia doc+
wp Design Notes v0.0.1pre
SGML Open Web Site: Index Page
SGML Bibliography
SGML-related Links
SGML to HTML: InfoPrism
DocBook DTD: LinuxDoc: The Davenport Group
DocBook Documentation
The SGML/XML Web Page
Developing SGML Applications with Perl and SGMLS
: The SGML Newsletter
TEItools home page

WWW Access

How to put information on the web
UB CS Department: Home Page Creation FAQ
How To Create A Home-Page
How to create your own home page
How To Create Your Own Home Page
CSB How-to build Home Pages
Mosaic User Authentication Tutorial
NCSA HTTPd Access Configuration


A CGI Programmer's Reference
cgic: an ANSI C library for CGI Programming
Software & Programming
JavaScript Index

www authoring

How to build a Web database with free software - NetscapeWorld - July 1997
Software & Services for Checking Links & Creating Site Maps
WebScripts (Perl CGI Scripts)
LinkScan Overview. LinkScan: Finds Broken Links and Creates SiteMaps.
InSite 1.12
HAHT Software - Enterprise Web Development Tools
Www & comm - Linux Web Watcher
MOMspider: Multi-owner Maintenance Spider
WODA - A Web Oriented Database System
Artho Informatik - HTML PLAIN
Xref-Speller - Source Browsing and Advanced Editing Plug-in.
counter: HTML - Interaktion mit dem Benutzer
HTML - Einfuehrung
HTML-Einfuehrungen von H.Partl
Roxen: Roxen Challenger Online Manual
Midgard - Application Server Suite
What is Zope?

Website indexing, tree

Featured Perl Script
[fm] Perlfect Search 3.01

Public Bookmark Generator
Perl House: CGI Scripts: Robots
[fm] content of web/applications
Converting HTML to other formats
WWW writing Miscellaneous
HTML Converters - HTML Net Links
HTMLess: :
HTML Converters
!!! HTML Converters
Word Processor Filters

Browsers, Viewers and HTML Preparation Resources
Web Development Tools Download - The Web Developer's Journal
Mosaic User Authentication Tutorial
NCSA HTTPd Access Configuration
Resources for Webmasters

Graphics, animated, background

Transparent Background Images
The HTML Guru!
Graphics for your HTML page
Making Animated GIFs (part 1 of 3)
Persistence of Vision Ray Tracer
Unix Graphics Utilities - Top Page
Michael J. Hammel's Linux Graphics Mini-HowTo
Unix Graphics Utilities - Available Software
Laurens Lapre's Lparser Link
RGB Hex Triplet Color Chart
the 1st Internet Gallery of GIF Animation
The GIF Animation Toolbox
original name: The Toolbox
Arrows - Graphic Element Samples
Lively Gifs - Graphic Element Samples
Backgrounds - Graphic Element Samples
The Background Sampler
Texture Land
Texture Land - Normal Textures Index
Web Professionals' Digest
GIF Animation on the WWW, italian mirror
GIF animation tools: WhirlGIF 2.01
ImageMagick - X11 Image Processing and Display Package
Transparent Page
Interactive Graphics Generation Page
!!terminates Netscape: animated GIF: Chemical Solutions


The WDVL: The HTML3 Table Model
Table Cells (TH and TD)
The Web Developer's Virtual Library
The Art of HTML
The WDVL: HTML - The Hypertext Markup Language
The WDVL: Authoring with HTML, CGI, Java, JavaScript, Graphics..
The WDVL: The HTML3 Table Model The HTML3 Table Model
HTML 3.0 Examples - Tables
More about Tables in HTML
The WDVL: Changes between HTML 3.2 and HTML 4.0 - Tables
!view source: Listing of "t" elements

HTML Widget

HTML Widget Docs, Page 1
HTML Widget, Tags Parsed
XmHTML: a HTML Widget

Special characters, fonts

ISOlat1.sgml special characters
Latin1 characters, GIF image
HTML Math Overview
Summer Course 1996: Communicating Mathematics with Hypertext
Math Typesetting for the Internet
Special Characters in HTML
ISO 8859-1 (Latin-1) Characters List
: Entity References
WIK - Annotated Table of Characters
Fonts and the Web
HTML Document Character Set Q & A
PhilNet : Logische Symbole mit HTML
Special Characters
enabling symbol font in Netscape
Symbol fonts (Greek letters) for Netscape

Genpage: separate content and layout
Website META Language (WML), Title
Frame HTML Tag Reference: Lesson 4: The Tags
HyperText Markup Language (HTML): Working and Background Materials
Style Guide for Online Hypertext
OneWorld/SingNet WWW & HTML Developer's JumpStation - Page 3
HTML Tutorial - Overview
moved to:
The HTML 2.0 Public Text. This is the definitive on-line definition of HTML2.0, the current
standard language. If you want all the gory details, this is the place.
A Quick Review of HTML 3.0
HTML DTD Reference
World Wide Web FAQ: original,
Sandia's Home Page
HTML converters
Word Processor Filters
Using rtftohtml/rtftoweb
HTML Transit Evaluation Version
The Art of HTML
The NCSA HTTPd Home Page
NCSA HTTPd Tutorial: Server Side Includes (SSI)
The Web Wanderer's HTML Authoring Page
Introducing HTML 3.2
CSS draft specifications
Web Style Sheets
W3C Tech Reports
Top Ten Mistakes in Web Design (Jakob Nielsen's Alert Box May 1996)
Interactions Resources: Guidelines and Standards
Matt's Script Archive
Welcome to CodeColorizer Home Page
html extension: H.E.I. GmbH Homepage
heitml: Introduction
The NCSA HTTPd Home Page
NCSA HTTPd Tutorials
HTML Tags Live ExamplesTitle Page
HTML Dictionary, Java no sugar, Imagine nation, Lottery number picker, Incense
Welcome to Meta-HTML.COM
Linking Style Sheets to HTML
What's Wrong With FONT?
Basics of World Wide Web Browsers and HTML For Classroom Use
Math Forum Internet Collection - wwwhtml (Annotated)
Index Dot HTML: THE Advanced HTML Reference
mirror: Index Dot HTML: THE Advanced HTML Reference
Net Tips for Writers and Designers
BUILDER.COM - Web graphics - secrets of the Web design masters
Web Page Construction & Maintenance - FONT
Netscape Navigator 3.0 Reviewer's Guide
Mathematical Typesetting on the WWW
Netscape Navigator 3.0: new HTML tags
Netscape 3.0 Innovators
Font Face tag
i18n/l10n: character sets
Tradoc's hints and tips for non-latin character sets
i18n/l10n: character set lists
Alphabetic sorted HTML Tag Listing
Style Sheet Property Index: Font Properties
TTH: a TEX to HTML translator
Datapult: generate dynamic HTML
HTML - Other Useful Information Sources
The HTML Goodies Home Page - Thanks for stopping by...
How do they do that with HTML?
Rapid Graphics Devel ( WWW, Motif, Windows): Generic Logic Toolkit
Introduction to HTML - Table of Contents (sm) - The Webmaster's Reference Library
Doctor HTML v5 (-> Resources)
HTMLDOC Home Page (HTML to Postscript, PDF)
Midgard - Application Server Suite
The USGenWeb Project - Info for Volunteers - Help with HTML, Graphics, Color, etc.


Tutorial: X WINDOWS


Motif FAQ Index
MW3: Motif on the World Wide Web
Introduction to Motif Application Development
Tutorial: X WINDOWS
Programming with Motif Tutorial: in hungarian
(Xm) - OSF/Motif commands, library routines
Index of /man/
Section X: X11 Subroutines
Reference Page Search Catalog
Volume 6A: Motif Programming Manual
OSF/Motif Programmer's Reference (Open Sofware Foundation): Table of Contents
supported-vax man pages for section 3X
supported-vax XmVaCreateSimpleOptionMenu.3X
Help Toolkit

Kenton Lee

Kenton Lee: OSF/Motif Widget Class Hierarchy
Kenton Lee: On-Line X Window System and OSF/Motif Publications
Kenton Lee: Technical X Window System and OSF/Motif WWW Sites
Kenton Lee: X/Motif Consulting
Kenton Lee: 40 Most Common X Window System Programming Errors
Kenton Lee: Debugging X Toolkit Resources with Editres
Kenton Lee: Debugging X Window System Protocol Errors
Kenton Lee: Xlib Function to X Window System Protocol Request Mapping
Kenton Lee: Technical X Window System and OSF/Motif WWW Sites


Tcl/Tk: SunScript Home Page
NEOSOFT Tcl Entry Point
PHOAKS: Frequency for comp.lang.tcl.announce
Tcl/Tk FAQs, Code and Other Resources
Other Tcl/Tk Resources and Sites
A brief introduction to TCL/TK
Tcl and Tk
Information about the TclTutor Program
E.J. Friedman-Hill's Tcl Course
Tech Corner
SpecTcl User Interface Builder


Plotting Widgets/Programs
display data graphically: DISLIN
SciPlot Widget Web Page

Tree widgets

ListTree Widget Web Page
The Tree Widget
Nary Tree Technical Documentation

SciPlot Widget Man Page
XRT/3d Overview
Vis5D Home Page
Applications Directory: XgPlot
Applications Directory: Visualization
CSS home page
Robot Graph Plotting and Data Analysis
DataViews Homepage
Imperial Software Technology (IST)
X-Designer: the Motif, MFC & Java GUI Builder with GUI Testing


The Mesa Voodoo driver home page
The Mesa Voodoo driver home page

Graphics and analysis software
Graphics and Data Analysis - Graphics


FTP Directory:
Xmgr FAQ
FTP Directory:
Xmgr Home
HTML Widget Docs, Page 1
Robot Graph Plotting and Data Analysis
X Gnuplot Front End
VXB Home Page
GGI Project Homepage
General Graphics Interface: allowing
low level access to the graphical hw
under Linux
SAL: Scientific Data Processing & Visualization
Viewmol 1.4
The Visualization Toolkit (vtk) Home Page
SM - Table of Contents X11 & X10 !

Open Group Desktop Technologies -- X Window System
X Consortium, ftp
Information about X
FAQ lists
FTP Directory:
MW3: FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions
MW3: Widgets, Toolkits, Libraries, and GUIs
MW3: Code Examples and Tutorials
M.B's Motif tutorial: URL changed to
Magyar X11 Tutorial
CG 252-502 --- First Course in X Windows
NCSA Mosaic Common Client Interface (CCI 1.1)
Widget Categories
xtent-3.2 README file
The Free Widget Foundation (FWF) Home Page
Yahoo! - Computers and Internet:Software:X Window System
xpdf: a PDF viewer for X
ERROR: The requested URL could not be retrieved
Motif Multi-Document Interface (MDI)

Porting from Unix to WinNT

DataFocus Incorporated

X Window System and graphics' pointers
The GOOD Project
VXP -- Visual X windows Programming Interface
Motif interface builders

X Display Multiplexors

X Protocol Multiplexor: XMX Home Page
FTP Directory:
TeamRooms Home Page
GroupKit Home Page

Window Managers for X
X Protocol Monitoring Tool
X Window Protocol implemented in Java
X11 mirror in Germany, R6.3 doc directory
XTERM - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
FTP Directory:
Widget 150
FTP Directory:
X. End of story.
Sven's Collection of Netscape-plugins for LINUX
X is More...
rxvt - a colour terminal program
DRAMA Introduction.

Operating Systems

UNIX related

Unix Programming Frequently Asked Questions - Table of Contents
UnixWorld Online Resources Page
Interactions Resources: Guidelines and Standards


FreeBSD Inc.
The NetBSD Project
BSDI - Welcome to Berkeley Software Design, Inc.

85321, Systems Administration
Computing Dictionary
Computing Dictionary: mirror in Turkey


FTP Directory:
FTP Directory:
FTP Directory:

Magyar Linux linkek

Az új kernelekről...
Linux Documentation Project: mirror at
The Linux HOWTO Index
Magyar Linux Felhasználók Címlapja
Linux-szal kapcsolatos aktualitások
Linux szoftverek: Szeged
Linux Gazette Table of Contents: BME
Linux Gazette Index Page
Linux szoftverek:
Linux Szoftver alternatívák
Linux Usenet Newsgroups magyaritasok: Linux, Unix, X11
The ftp archive at
FTP Directory:
Fortune ( Kadlecsik, József: cgi script )
MLF: Linuxos böngészde

Linux Parallel Processing

Linux Parallel Processing HOWTO
Parallel Processing using Linux
Is Parallel Processing Dead?


Kernel Traffic
Kernel Traffic
Gary's Encyclopedia - The Linux Kernel
Az új kernelekről...
Linux v2 Information HQ
Linux 2.0 Kernel Patches: Frequently Updated ...
Linux 2.0 Changes File
Linux-Kernel Archive by subject
Linux-Kernel Archive by date
Linux Kernel Mail Thread Index
Kernel Changes Directory:
FTP Directory:
Custom Linux Kernels
Linux version 0.0 patches
Linux 2.0 Unofficial Kernel Patches
Linux 2.1.x Development Kernel What's New
Generations - Linux: Linux 2.0.x - Changes
Generations - Linux: Main Index
The Linux Kernel Hackers' Guide
ELKS - The Embeddable Linux Kernel subset
Linux memory management patches page
CPU Review: kernel compilation



FTP Directory:

YARD Homepage
Alpha Miniloader Howto
Alpha Miniloader Howto: How To Load MILO
FTP Directory:
FTP Directory:
FTP Directory:
SOLO: ShagWare Online Software
Tom's root/boot floppy with bzip2
tomsrtbt home page
Booting Linux for higher density floppy disks
FTP Directory:
GRUB -- GRand Unified Bootloader
OpenBIOS Homepage
FTP Directory: syslinux



FTP Sites From Which Slackware Linux and Info are Available

various Slackware versions

FTP Directory:
FTP Directory:
FTP Directory:
FTP Directory:
FTP Directory:
FTP Directory:
FTP Directory:
FTP Directory:
FTP Directory:
FTP Directory:
FTP Directory:

Slackware: Linux Mafia
Slackware 4.0 Review: CPU Review


Linux-FT Documentation, Home Page
Tony's Linux-FT Upgrade Page
Linux-FT spec
Linux-FT Rev 1.2 Posix.1

Red Hat

Red Hat Software, Inc.
Red Hat Linux/Intel 5.0 Hardware Compatibility List - Script to assist you in hand made RedHat upgrades
Joliet or FAT-32 Red Hat Installation
Package Management with RPM
Adobe Acrobat Free Reader


Debian GNU/Linux - The Universal Operating System
Debian Release Roadmap
Debian GNU/Linux -- Latest News
Debian Weekly News - Index
Debian GNU/Linux -- Distribution
Debian GNU/Linux -- Packages
Debian book: Contents
Debian GNU/Linux: Guide to Installation and Usage


S.u.S.E. Linux Products
S.u.S.E ftp mirror
The SuSE Linux FAQ (english edition): General questions about the Distribution
SDB (English): Welcome to the S.u.S.E. Support Data Base!
Linux Powered.Com - The right choice for online linux knowledge.

Linux at CESDIS
Debian GNU/Linux - The Universal Operating System
FTP Directory:
Linux FT: Lasermoon Ltd, The Unix Freeware Specialists
FTP Directory:
Packaging Standards
Alien package converter
DLDD: delix Computer GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany
hal91: Linux on one (or two) floppy disk(s)
WAUUG.EROLS.COM Contents of /pub/people/kent-robotti
S.u.S.E. - Die Linux Spezialisten
Index of /ftp-home/pub/linux/suse
Comparison/Vergleich: Abgepackt!
Welcome to DragonLinux
Linux Vax Hompage
Bochs for Windows
muLinux: Floppy Linux, v 0.4 (beta)
Linux Mini-Box - Linux Mini-Distributions
The Cosmic Chaos Homepage : CClinux HomePage
The Linux Professional Institute
The Official Green Frog Linux Page
Small Linux - Small Kernel Project
CPU Review: Comparison of various linux distibutions
CD images: Directory of /software/ISO
index by Distribution
RPM resource fileutils


Linux Resources ( Link Collections )

Linux Resources by Topic
Not very active


Lars Wirzenius' Home Page
Linux On Line
Woven Goods for LINUX
Linux Program Links
Linux Assistant Index Page - Erik Larsen's
More Information Pointers
Linux Forum: Russ' Linux Page!
John's Linux Page
Raven: ?
What's new, Products, Contests and other Announcements
Welcome to the Linux Home Page
Toronto Linux User Group
Calahan's Linux Page
Atomic Void: The Legend Continues - The Linux page
Josh's Linux Guide - Mapped Index
Linux components, packages and programs
! Linux Places
The Web Wanderer's List of Linux and UNIX Resources
Conecta Linux Places
also: genealogy, sendmail, WWW.LEGE.COM
The Linux Programmer's BouncePoint
The Linux Resource Exchange
The Linux 2.x Bank
Linux WWW Resources
Linux International
Linux Links by Goob
!! M.H.'s Linux links
Index of The Linux WebRing
Racke's Package and Resource Database
Linux Links by Goob (Linux Links Directory)


MLF: Magyar Linux Felhasználók Címlapja
Magyar Linux Support Lista
Linuxos oldalak listája

FTP Directory:
Linux Incoming Viewer At SunSITE
Linux on the Web - 1. Other Linux Resources
Linux on the Web - 2. Other Linux Resources
Linux-WWW-sites all over the world
The Web Wanderer's List of Linux Applications
Linux NOW!
Games for Linux
The Linux Game Tome
Linux Sites
Debreceni Linux Users Group
Groups of Linux Users Everywhere
(yet another) The Linux Home Page
Linux Aptitude Test (LAT)
LUG list overview (UNITED STATES)
Linux User Group HOWTO
Linux User Group HOWTO
Linux Documentation Project: Linux User Groups
DCE RPC for Linux 2.0.30
The LinuxThreads library
Not only Linux: Frank Sweetser's (rasmusin) Bookmark Page
current packages: FTP Directory:
Linux Software Database
PARD --- Sorted by Groups
Linux Source Driver
Linux Web Watcher
Www & comm - Linux Web Watcher
Linux Software Database: LSDB
LINUX.DE - Linux-Informationen aus deutschen Landen
LINUX.DE - Linux User Groups

Search for Linux Software

The Linux Documentation Project Homepage
LDP WWW Page Mirrors
Search: (boutell) Linux Software Map
New maintainer: The Linux Software Map (LSM)
Search: Linux Software Map (LSM)
The Linux Software Map (LSM)
Linux System Administrators' Guide 0.5
Linux Archive Search
Linux Software Database: LSDB
not so large: Linux Project Catalogue

HOWTOs, LDP, FAQs, Manpages, Training

The Linux Documentation Project: Homepage
Linux Frequently Asked Questions with Answers
mirror at BME: The Linux Documentation Project Homepage
bme: The Linux HOWTO Index: HOWTO Index
Linux HOWTO FTP Directory:
Diskless mini-howto:
Linux NET-2/3-HOWTO
The Linux HOWTO Index
sunsite: The Linux HOWTO Index: HOWTO Index
The Linux Bootdisk HOWTO
Linux Now FAQ's and Howto's
Deutsches Linux HOWTO Projekt
Linux High Availability HOWTO
The Linux Graphics mini-Howto
Linux High Availability HOWTO
The Linux+FreeBSD HOWTO
Linux User Group HOWTO
Linux User Group HOWTO (HTML)
Linux-Netscape memory leak correction FAQ
Magyar Linux Lista kérdések és válaszok
ftp samba
SAMBA Web Pages
FTP mirror in Wien:
Linux Database HOWTO (PostgreSQL Relational Database System)
Linux Systems Labs Linux Man 2nd Edition
Printing Under Linux
Linux FAQ in Italian
Bootdisk-HOWTO Homepage
The Linux Cyrix/IBM 6x86 mini-HOWTO
USB Frequently Asked Questions
Linux Hardware Compatibility HOWTO
Database-SQL-RDBMS HOW-TO document for Linux (PostgreSQL Object Relational Database System)
Memory Savers
Linux AI & Alife Mini-Howto
The Linux Graphics mini-Howto
Linux Security HOWTO
LiLAC - Linux with Laptop Computers
CD-Writing HOWTO
Linux Compaq Deskpro XL HOWTO: pcibios
Linux Training Materials Project - Welcome
Filesystems HOWTO

X, XFree86, Motif, Lesstif

XFree86(TM): Home Page
mirror in Germany: XFree86(TM): Home Page
The XFree86-benchmarks Survey
Contributing to the XFree86-benchmarks Survey
Moo-Tiff Technical Support Page
The LessTif Home Page
FTP Directory:


XForms Home Page
FTP Directory:
FTP Directory:

Accelerated-X Server 3.1: Product Information
CDE Business Desktop: Product Information

On-line Newspapers

Linux Journal
Linux Gazette Front Page
Linux Gazette Mirror Sites
Linux-Magazin Homepage (German)
Linux Newsletter: What's new, Products, Contests and other Announcements
LinuxFocus -- A cybermagazine about Linux
-- Linux Focus --
Linux Weekly News
cut off? Linux v2 Information HQ
Welcome to LinuxFocus

Mailing Lists, Archives

Linux Mailing List Archives
The comp.os.linux.announce home page
Hypermail List Archives
Virtual Library Mailing List Archive
Magyar Linux levelezési lista archívum
Mailing List Menu
UNIX Wishlist Discussion Board
Linux-Security Archive by subject
Comp.Os.Linux.Announce Digest Index
S.u.S.E. Mailing List Archive: suse-linux-e


SAL -- Scientific Applications on Linux
Scientific Applications on Linux
Scientific Applications on Linux
SAL -- Scientific Applications on Linux

Linux on DEC Alpha

Linux/Alpha Home Page
Linux/Alpha Frequently Asked Questions
AXP/Linux port FAQ
Digital/Alpha running Linux/Axp



Linux PPP Configuration Assistance
pppcosts homepage
FTP Directory: qsermon
FTP Directory: xringd
Tcl/Tk front-end to ppp-on
PPPSetup - PPP Script Generator for Linux
ppp, chat: The WURD on Linux and AT&T WorldNet® Service
UnixWorld Online: Tutorial Article: No. 015, ppp between Linux and Win95
WvDial by Worldvisions
SDB: Scripte für Internet-Provider

connecting news server: Bob's Pixi Home Page - Home of "SUCK"

Active Networking

PLAN: A Programming Language for Active Networks
The SwitchWare Project

ACPLT/KS Home Page
ACPLT/KS C++ Comm. Lib.
EPAN - Ethernet Protocol Analyzer
Linux Network Address Translation
Mike Borella
Linux Router Project
Linux DECnet Project Home Page
The Linux-Net Archive
Linux-Net Archive: Re: DECnet & Linux
Linux-Net Archive by thread
Query the UWSG Web ( linux-net Hypertext Mail Archive)
MLF: Linuxos számítógéphálózatok és rendszerbiztonság
TCP/IP Primer
SDB: Re-exportieren über NFS
123go Internet Services
Novell Product Catalog - NetWare 4.11 Product Details
The Ethereal Network Analyzer



KSR[T] Security Advisories
LG 98 jan: A Bit About Security Issue 24
SRP: The New Secure Authentication Standard
Szeminariumok, programok
Szeminariumok, programok
Szeminariumok, programok
Magyar Tudományos Akadémia
Magyar Tudományos Akadémia
Magyar Tudományos Akadémia
Magyar Tudományos Akadémia
Magyar Tudományos Akadémia
Magyar Tudományos Akadémia
FAST FTP Search v3.7
Red Hat Software, Inc.
KFKI Home Page
FAST FTP Search v3.7

Common Problems
Scott Barker's Home Page
Linux public cribnotes database

Real-time linux

Real-Time Linux
Semaphores: Real-Time Linux
KURT: The KU Real-Time Linux
yet another rt-linux: a/rtlmanual
Using Shared Memory in RT-Linux
RT-Linux Manual Project

Applications of the OS Linux

SAL -- Scientific Applications on Linux
Mission Critical Linux Survey Results
M-TECH: Linux business applications
A Linux uptime survey
The Linux Lab project Home Page
Linux At Fermilab
HEPpc: Linux Resources for High Energy Physics
Linux and Chemistry
Molecular Linux



InfoMagic Home Page
InfoMagic Main Index Page
InfoMagic Product Graphical WWW Catalog

Linux Systems Labs Vendor of Books, Documentation, Software, and Archives

About Linux

Linux lines up for the enterprise - SunWorld - January 1998
Linux Questionnaire

Free Software Licence Policy

BSD License Problem - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF) - GPL and BSD: explication and comparison [Feature Articles]

mirror: (.nl) Welcome to the mc-doc survey home page
Lasermoon Ltd, The Unix Freeware Specialists
The Linux Benchmarks
Yahoo! - Computers and Internet:Operating Systems:Unix:Linux
another: Java-Linux
ya: Java-Linux
yaa: Java-Linux
32 bites DLL futtatása Linuxban
Magyar ékezetes karakterkészlet
ISO 8859-2 szerinti kodkiosztas
The Wine (Windows Emulator) FAQ - Frames Version
Linux-Netscape Help Page
X-Windows Games
Linux Source Navigator
running: Linux Source Navigator
Project Mnemonic
Utilities for the Internet
Linux Enterprise Computing
docfs, Intranet: Linux-Kongress - Slides, Abstracts
correct URL:
Dokumentation zu Linux
SLRN --- A Powerful NNTP Based Newsreader
IP Masq Application Resource
Intranet Hallways Systems Based on Linux Issue 19
Using SAMBA to Mount Windows Issue 19
Linux Information
WWW Resources
Linux LAN Information
Hardware: Homepage von J.Walther
Hardware: SWT: Pentium PCI IDE System
The Linux Counter
CAD: OpenDesigner Announcement
Ińaky - USB
CD Master/
Linux-Konto: IoS-online
The Linux Security Home Page.
The Cathedral and the Bazaar
VARKON - A Parametric CAD-tool
Linux/etc Links
Linux - Wegweiser zur Installation & Konfiguration, 2.Auflage
Linux: Wegweiser zur Installation & Konfiguration
O'Reilly Linux Online Bibliothek
window programming environment: The Xwpe-ALPHA Project
UnixWorld Online: Tutorial Linux, SQL & Web
developerWorks : Linux : overview
developerWorks : Java technology | Linux : Library - Papers
SearchLinux Home
Procmail tutorial - Tuning Linux

Packages, Programs

KFKI Linux Archive NFS

Link collections

Linux Software Development Tools and Programs
Linux Programs
Linux Program Links
Linux Applications and Utilities Page
Linux Applications and Utilities Page (v.8/12)
mirror in Austria: Linux Applications and Utilities Page
Generations - Linux: Szoftver alternatívák
InterSoft:Products, free database
Finite-State Machine Links
ICOT Free Software
DLR Fresh Archive - linux/src
DLR Fresh Archive - linux/src
Woven Goods for Linux
Woven Goods for Linux - X11 Applications
GTK+ - App Index (Alphabetical)
[fm] welcome to
Linuxberg Software

System, util

dmsdos 0.9.0 has just been released.
It supports read and write access to
compressed dos filesystems such as
* Dos 6.0-6.2 Doublespace (version 1)
* Dos 6.22 Drivespace (version 2)
* Win95 Doublespace (seems to be the same as the Dos 6.0 version)
* Win95 Plus! Drivespace 3
* Stacker version 3
* Stacker version 4



The Linux Midi + Sound Main Page
Open Sound System (OSS) Free
pcsndrv FTP Directory:


SCSI drivers for AHA294x
Development site has moved from
AHA®-2940 PCI-to-Fast SCSI Host Adapter


SMC Etherpower PCI
Linux and the DEC "Tulip" Chip
Linux and the SMC Etherpower PCI
Linux Driver Development for the DEC "Tulip" Chip
The Diald Home Page
Linux Network Address Translation

Linux Hardware Drivers
The Linux Lab project Home Page
other: The Linux Lab project Home Page
SWIG (Simplified Wrapper and Interface Generator)
SWIG example:
Category frontend
FTP Directory:
The Camac on Linux page
Plug & Play Linux GroundZero Development Tree: /daemons/sysklogd
Plug & Play Linux GroundZero Development Tree: /
SuSE Linux 6.2 (i386) - Juli 1999 "syslogd"
SuSE Linux 6.2 (i386) - Juli 1999
SuSE - Die Linux Spezialisten
FlagShip: Demo Drives
syslogd-1.3.30-7.i386 RPM


NTFS Documentation
NTFS for Linux (Alpha)


Willows Software TWIN API


DOSEmu - For Linux
Directory of /pub/dosemu
Directory of /
SDB (English): dosemu and the NT bootsector
DOSEmu Technical Guide
DOSEMU Main Page


Wine Development HQ
Wine Application Support
wine Cross Reference

VMware for Linux


Ext2fs Home Page
Filesystem Hierarchy Standard
ext2resize - an ext2 filesystem resizer
GNU parted home page
Linux defragmenter
ext2 fs resize utilities
Debian GNU/Linux -- defrag
GFS - The Global File System
How to make a PC-bootable CD
Window Maker FileSystem Monitor Homepage

/proc utilities FTP Directory:
/proc utilities ftp site
2M 3.0
FTP Directory:
Internet port redirection demon
Siarco,S.A. - Scripts & Utilities Documentation
The ISAPNPTOOLS home page
RZ: Projects - X-CD-Roast
CD writer sw: CD Mirror
Distributed IPC: DIPC
Xwin: DXT
Diskless Xwin Toolkit: Dimension
FTE Text Editor
Exuberant Ctags
GNU Midnight Commander
OO Language, tools: The TOM Programming Language
run-time exe-file decompressor/ compressor
Markus F.X.J. Oberhumer: lzop real-time compression utility
Memory profiler: cmalloc
can be used to find memory leaks,
under writes, over writes
and multiple free's in C or C++ programs
Debugging Tools for Dynamic Storage Allocation and Memory Management
Windows file handling: LAOLA Homepage, Sep/23/97
Website META Language (WML), Title
clobberd: Jason Nunn's latest Developments in Linux/Unix
cutils FTP Directory
bras --- Rule Based Command Execution (22-Nov-1997)
written in Tcl
wants to be a better make
(GSM) SMS client
X-Files - The Ultimate File Organizer
Tcl Plug-in for Netscape Navigator
Directory of /pub/misc/lsof
Directory of /pub/tools/unix/lsof
lsof: Vic Abell's Home Page
RSM, C & C++ Code Quality and Metrics Tool
hinv, gmemusage: Software for SGI and Linux
IPAC Linux ip accounting package
fresh libc: FTP Directory:
Socket Script: for network oriented applications
own-tty and usershell
Customizing XDM
Xtree clone: XTC homepage
speech: speakup Screen review for Linux
Shared memory library: Index of /sw/mm
Check pop3 sever for new mail: Index of /steve/pop3check
IP to hostnames: (Linux): jdresolve
!!! Public Bookmark Generator
Universal SSL tunnel: Index of /computer/stunnel


PostgreSQL: Home
WRS Home
Linux Databases
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1 month free trial key
there are also networked versions
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Ez egy összetett rendszer, ami
lefedi egy kereskedelemmel foglalkozó cég szinte teljes
adminisztrációját (készletnyilvántartás, leltár, partnerek,
számlázás, szállítólevelek, rendelés és foglalás,
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audio-visual portable Demo: BB
What does this software do then ?
BB is an high quality audio-visual demonstration for your text
terminal. It is portable demo, so you can run it on plenty of operating
systems and DOS.
Supports: dos (VGA + MDA), stdio, curses, slang, X11, gpm, linux-console
Sound: OSS, Sun audio, SGI, DEC Aplha, AIX, HP-UX, DOS (GUS CLASSIC, GUS
Where to find BB
Just join our mailing list: `'.
All programs covered under AA-project can be obtained at
Or just browse our homepage at `'. A ton of
examples of ascii-art generated by aalib, pointers to other AA-Project
resources etc.
dT8 8Tb
dT 8 8 Tb
dT 8 8 Tb
dT 8 8 Tb
dT 8 8 Tb
Three goals of AA-Project:
1. Port all important software (like Doom, Second Reality, X windows
etc..) on AA-lib.
2. Port AA-lib on all available platforms (mainly ZX-Spectrum and
3. Force IBM to start manufacturing MDA cards again.
AA-project was started by Jan Hubicka. In that times just a few
people knew about it. Then a new demo named BB has been relased to show
the power of AA-lib technology. Now the project is freely available and
anyone can help.
- --
- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Have you browsed my www pages? Look at:
Koules-the game for Svgalib,X11 and OS/2, Xonix-the game for X11
czech documentation for linux index, original 2D computer art and
funny 100 years old photos and articles are there!
Function grapher: Please enter equation
Vector Drawing Package: Sergio's Home Page
Pixcon & Anitroll's Graphic Home Page :)
freetype: True Type engine (src) & links
Type 1 fonts: CurveSoft Homepage
AC3D - 3D Graphics Modeller - HOME PAGE
FreeDraft: 2D CAD (C R Johnson's Techno page)
OCR: Inlab-Scheme Binaries for several Platforms
3D: The NeoGeo/Enji web site
Welcome to the Official GRASS GIS Homepage!
GRASS 5.0 Update Information
Linux 3D
OpenGL/Mesa 3-D Support For Linux: Applications of 3D
RPM of Group X11/Libraries/Mesa
WinMGM 2 home page
gd 1.7.3
PNG (Portable Network Graphics) Home Site
PNG Source Code and Libraries
PNG Source Code and Libraries
zlib Home Page


WavPlay Home Page
Sound Editor: The MiXViews Home Page
RealAudio/Video Server: EasyStart Server
DAP Homepage
GNU LilyPond Music Typesetter
Splay V0.6 Homepage
WaveTools Download
! Factoring (Prímfelbontás) (Quantum Computing, WaveTools)
Real Time Speech Compression Software
speech: speakup Screen review for Linux

Internet phone

TeleVox by Voxware -- The Unofficial Internet Telephone Home Page (competes with WebPhone, FreeTel, and IPhone)
not Linux !
The official ERIKYYYPHONE project homepage
PhonyNet's Home Page
Ethernet phone


Deskware COBOL
Libero Home Page
The COBOL Center : The COBOL Home Page for standards, programming, reengineering, tools, skills improvement, sample code, and jobs
The Flexus COBOL Page
Easy ToolKit, Portable Cobol Tools
[fm] Free Pascal Compiler 0.99.12b
Free Pascal - Home Page

Document Handling, Word Processing


gv: ps + pdf viewer, from ghostview


Other on-line LaTeX information
Hypertext Help with LaTeX
Document Preparation with TeX
pdfLaTeX (pdfTeX): PDFTeX support
LyX, the word-processor front-end for LaTeX
The TeX Catalogue Online, CTAN Edition
LaTeX Quick Start
TeX/LaTeX documentation
Help On LaTeX Commands
TeX Frequently Asked Questions
Unix, LaTeX and WWW Help Documentation.
Hypertext Help with LaTeX
Other on-line LaTeX information
AMS TeX Resources Home Page
AASTeX 5.0
AIP Author Services
LaTeX Online Reference
LaTeX Symbols
LaTeX Documentation


pdfLaTeX (pdfTeX): PDFTeX support
Adobe Acrobat Overview
Adobe Acrobat Free Reader
Adobe Acrobat 3.0 Free Reader System Requirements
gv: ps + pdf viewer, from ghostview
xpdf: a PDF viewer for X
FOP: A Formatting Object to PDF Translator

word2x: FTP Directory:
word6 to anything converter ( ascii, LaTeX, stb. )
very new program and temporary place (dir)
Word Processors for Linux
Linux Business Solutions Project
Table Editor And Planner, Or: Teapot!
Star Division - Announcement
Star Division Online
ERROR: The requested URL could not be retrieved
Applixware: Red Hat Software, Inc.
Suse: Applixware 4.3.7 für Linux und Windows 95/NT (S.u.S.E.)
Applix Inc. Accelerating Enterprises
Red Hat Software, Inc.
Cary's Applixware Page
Applix TM1
Linux/etc: Linux in the office
Download Staroffice 4.0: Star Division Online
FTP Directory:
Maxwell WP
Pathetic Writer
MSWordView, MSWord 8 converter for unix
Siag Office - It Sucks Less!
Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL)
DataChannel News & Reviews
AbiSource: Free


Xconq - Table of Contents
Settlers: a strategy game: Some humble beginnings
bsed on Settlers of Catan, german board game
Official King of the Hill webpage
Sarien AGI Interpreter
ntfs: FTP Directory:
The Official FVWM Homepage
The KBackup Homepage
The Karma Homepage
The Big Brother Unix Network Monitor
The Linux Fortran Information Page
ERROR: The requested URL could not be retrieved
MuPAD - Home Page
YADE - Yet Another Diagram Editor
network traffic monitor: Herman le Roux's Home Page: Publications and Releases
speech synthesis: The MBROLA PROJECT HOMEPAGE
datafiles: 5 MByte for each language !
X11: Widgets: The EZWGL home page
C++ wrapper of Motif: The Xarm Home Page
VARKON: Modelling SW: Free software to download for Linux
Troll Tech: Qt C++ GUI Development Framework
Qt Documentation
eon eiffel for linux: FTP Directory:
Werkowski's Lisp Page
Free True Type Font Engine
The XBanner Home Page
Library of Practical Abstractions
editor from Holgi's Homepage
origins: joe
The SERIALMON home page
FTP Directory:
XmJAM Software Development
UC: UniX11 Software Development Corporation
Unix Cockpit, filemanager
Number Theory math package: SIMATH homepage
Markus F.X.J. Oberhumer: LZO real-time data compression library
GSM Suite Home Page
Libero Home Page
MGui Home Page
GRASP : Graphical Representations of Algorithms, Structures and Processes
pattern-matching nucleic acids: tacg Version 2 - Documentation
Presenting: TkDesk (5.12.1997)
Woven Goods ftp mirror in Germany
CAD: Esim -- Electronic Simulator
WWW housekeeping: Linbot: Home
nonlinear electrical circuit analysis: sceptre
ChemApp for Linux announcement
window programming environment: The Xwpe-ALPHA Project
Home Page of the Toolkit for Conceptual Modeling


Desktop Users Guide: Table of Contents

Network Software
Online Single UNIX® Specification
System administration
System software:
The Funny Pages
UNIX felhaználói ismeretek /
Unix Guru Universe
UNIX Reference Desk
Unix Releated WWW Links
UNIX resources
UNIX Stuff
Unix Wizards - A Unix Resource
Unix: 85321, Study Material
Yahoo! - Computers and Internet:Operating Systems:Unix
Yahoo! - Computers and Internet:Operating Systems:Unix:Shells
UNIXhelp for users
Hackercat Solutions
UnixWorld Online: Tutorial Article: No. 017
! Dana French Unix Korn Shell Curses Javascript Menu
Sys Admin Web Site
Unix SysAdm Resources: Shareware, Public-Domain, WWW Software
Elsop's Webmaster Resource Center
Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 versus UNIX
Unix and NT
The Xunil Pages: Operating Systems Comparison Chart

Shells, scripts

How to write a shell script
Heiner's SHELLdorado
Unix sysadmin scripts: Steve Kinzler - Home Directory
Shell Software
zsh - Table of Contents
zsh FAQ
The Z shell FAQ
Woven Goods for Linux - System Software
UNIX Bourne Shell Programming
Bash Reference Manual - Table of Contents
SHELLdorado Links
Bash features
Buildkernel script home page
Linux Shell Scripts
Bash shell FAQs
[gnu.bash.bug] BASH Frequently-Asked Questions
Bash Reference Manual - Table of Contents
zsh - Table of Contents
UnixWorld Online: Tutorial Article: No. 018 -- Getting the Most From Your Shell
friss: zsh - The Z Shell Guide

!! IC3268 Lecture Schedule 1997/98 ,also valuable content
5. Perl Data Types and Operators

WinNT, Win95


The Downhill Project
UNIX to NT Resource Center
gcc cross-devel. env: ERROR: The requested URL could not be retrieved
Using and Porting GNU CC - Configurations
FAQ: Porting UNIX to NT
The GNU-Win32 Project Page
Unix for WINdows

ERROR: The requested URL could not be retrieved
Directory of netutil
FTP Directory:
OnNet32 FAQ's
WINSOCK Error Codes and Header Files
Windows Sockets Network Programming: Top
InterDrive Server NFS for Windows NT
(NT) Networking
(also NT) Network Software
MS Windows NT® Sites
Connecting to the Internet with Windows NT3.51


NTFS Documentation
Free Stuff from MicroImages: X-server
Mi/X: Free X-server
Hummingbird Exceed 5 for Windows NT
eXceed v5 for Windows 3.1x, Windows 95 and Windows NT
eXceed for Windows 3.x, Windows 95, Windows NT - installation and getting started guide
eXceed 5.1.3 for Windows NT
Hummingbird Communications Ltd.
Hummingbird Exceed - The best PC X Server on Earth
Hummingbird Exceed Features - The best PC X Server on Earth
Hummingbird Request for Information

David's List of W i n d o w s NT Web Sites
Complete List of Electronic Books in Personal Bookshelf
free WinNT software: News, discussion, and links related to free WinNT software.
Windows NT Utilities Shareware CD-ROM from EMS Prof. Shareware
Windows NT 3.51 FAQ
Related FAQs:
Windows NT Internet FAQ, Part 2/2
Windows NT Administration FAQ
Windows NT (6/19/95) Workstation vs. Server
Microsoft® Windows NT™ Workstation
Microsoft® Windows 95 and NT Workstation
Windows NT
Windows NT details
Detailed: Evaluating the Windows 95 and Windows NT Workstation Operating Systems
Jim Benson, PC Guru, Pundit, Grand Poobah and KnowItAll. pcguru
Jean Renard Ward's Bookmarks
The Alpha NT source
WinNTiS Table of Contents Page
The Windows NT Resource Center
Windows NT Operating System Introduction
Microsoft® Windows NT from a Unix® Point of View
Digital UNIX and Windows NT Interoperability Guide
AAA Site for Shareware, Freeware and Commercial Software! Search 60 million freeware, shareware, and commercial software files
Windows NT Discussion: RE: Installing Gnu-GCC on NT
Freeware HTTP Server for Windows NT
NT/Alpha Drivers
Tomas Olovsson's hotlist
UNIX to NT Resource Center: another!
Windows NT Magazine - Main Page
Installation: Windows NT Deployment Guide
Uninstalling Win95 !
Internet Resources for Windows NT
Windows NT Web Server Tools - Jim Buyens
Windows NT Info Center
NT Registry Configuration Options
FAQ site: SavillTech's home on the Web
Windows NT Tips and Techniques
WinNT Setup, Config, Hardware, Network, Application Q&As
Internet Wisdom - Windows Programming
WinNT & Amiga Networking
WinSite/winnt index: misc
The Role of Network Administrators
Windows NT Administration FAQ
Special Edition Using Windows NT Server 4.0 -- Chapter 13
NT 4.0 Standards and Strategies - MCSE Mailing List Archives - Microsoft, Certification, Training, Brain Dumps,
Special Edition, Using Microsoft BackOffice, TOC
Database Developer's Guide Table of Contents
Windows NT Security Suggestions Send Feedback
The All Windows NT Information Page
FTP Directory: - Windows95 and WindowsNT Resource Page
NTINFO: NCR NT Support Information
Podium: Forum "Expert Answers for Windows NT"
Windows NT Discussion Forum: Tips and Tricks!
Windows NT Books, Magazines - NT Convenience Area
Vobis filelist: Miro driver list (big!)


OpenVMS Freeware (VS0185)
Patches: Digital's Electronic Services Home Page
OpenVMS Internet Product Suite Information
DIGITAL Service: ECO search utility
OpenVMS Operating System for Alpha and VAX, Version 7.1 SPD's 25.01.50


Download page: Beta version of Netscape Navigator Gold V3.0b8
Alpha version of Navigator Gold V3.0b8 for OpenVMS
Alpha version of Navigator Gold with Java V3.0b8 for OpenVMS
Java class library file
Download page for Netscape Gold 3.0b8 with Java and Java class library file

ALPMOTF07_U3012 patch

VMS Resources on the net

WWW-VMS home page at GSI
MPJZ's OpenVMS Resources on the Web
MPJZ's hyper VMS SW-list
Other OpenVMS archives on the Web
Information about the VMS operating system
MPJZ's OpenVMS FAQs[000000.vms]vms-sw-list-ii.txt
!!!ERROR: The requested URL could not be retrieved
not readable: pbmplus
Extended Portable Bitmap Toolkit (PBMPLUS)
FTP Directory:
KCGL1 Help Library tools:[hlb]pbmplus Contents
FTP Directory:
Index of /ftp/pub/DI/Fundamentos/Papers/mirror-ImperialCollege/DugganAJC/pbmcontrib
W1: Western Kentucky University: Western Online
FTP Directory:
OpenVMS Freeware CD V3.0
OpenVMS Freeware
Information about the VMS operating system
PHOAKS: Frequency for comp.os.vms
VMSnet Newsgroups
comp.os.vms archive
Freely Available DIGITAL OpenVMS Software
OpenVMS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), Part 1/3
The GNU on VMS Project
Phil Ottewell's Public Domain Software for VMS and Windows NT
VMS FAQ updated to July 30th., 1997
FAQ also for VMS: SavillTech's home on the Web
Secrets of OpenVMS® File I/O
Re: FTPing savesets?


The OS/2 WWW Homepage
OS2 User Information



The FreeDOS Project
Freedos FAQ
Welcome to the FreeDOS Home Page


Centreline 2000 - MS-Windows 3.1 Tips
GPF Problem Resolution (Pre-, PB 5.0)
UO Microcomputer Services Blank Page
The Internet Help Desk: GPFs
File resources
Windows 3.1x Drivers
Computer Courseware - IT Training Course Materal - Download for free evaluation
Windows 3.x Tips
Windows 3.1 Tips
Troubleshooting General Protection Faults
Kostenlose Gratis-Tips
Microsoft Softlib collection
WinSpector: win95
Programmers Heaven 2 :Utility: Debugging
Shareware: On the Net 1000+ shareware freeware sites; demos, downloads, evaluations


DR-DOS: Caldera Digital Research Division Information
FTP Directory:
FTP Directory:

OS/8, PDP8

Doug Jones's DEC PDP-8 index
Doug Jones's PDP-8 manual
PDP-8 Frequently Asked Questions (posted every other month)
OS/8 V3D Docu FTP Directory
Aaron's LINC, PDP-8 and PDP-12 Page
Preserving Computings Past:Restoration and Simulation
FTP Directory:
FTP Directory:
FTP Directory:

Novell Netware

Introduction to Novell NetWare
DeveloperNet Site Map
NetWare 5 Developer Page
NetBasic Commands and Functions - Network Class
NetBasic Language Reference Guide - Contents
The Hack FAQ
Nomad Mobile Research Centre - FAQs
NetWare Client SDK 1.0e Homepage (LDate page 3)
Hacking Netware - Getting Access to Accounts
Pandora Tools:NetWare Utilities:Bindery Utilities

Other Operating Systems
Flux Project Home Page


ESnet Network Monitoring Task Force
Network Monitoring Tools
X/OS - Linux IP firewall and accounting
Linux firewall facilities for kernel-level packet screening
FTP Directory:
FTP Directory:
A Guide to SNMP and CMIP
User's Guide to CMU SNMP for Linux
SNMP MIB Browser
ILC Glossary of Internet Terms
(NT) Networking
(also NT) Network Software


ODBC SDK for ODBC, JDBC, and OLE-DB driver development the Easy Way from Automation Technology, Inc.
Open Database Connectivity: ODBC Info
ODBC Links
Documentation - ODBC
ODBC: Glossary of ODBC-related Terms
Oracle FAQ : ODBC
Microsoft ODBC Free Downloads
Microsoft SQL Server Professional Online
SQL Server WorldWide User's Group - The Wynkoop Pages
SQL Server FAQ - The Wynkoop Pages
SQL Server Site Links - The Wynkoop Pages
SQL syntax
SQL Tutorial
Download free evaluation copy of Altera SQL server
Database-SQL-RDBMS HOW-TO document for Linux (PostgreSQL Object Relational Database System)
Oracle/ODBC: Documentation Road Map
Crystal Reports Features
Crystal Reports is a data access and report generation tool for databases.



Hungarian Firms

!!! Bud.szám.gépes cégek
PC Shops in Hungary
árfigyelő: made in Carrera Számítástechnikai Kft. oldala.
iNteRNeTTo - Cyber
ACOMP online
Üdvözöljük a Ready Computers internet oldalain !
naponta friss: Compart Kft
Fefo Homepage
Komputer Klinika HomePage
Western Computer Home Page
obsolete (megszünt, utód (?): VIDEOBIT KFT
obsolete, -> VIDEOBIT PLUS az utód
IRIDIUMtop: FaxBank, Links: Szamitastecnika
Spéci Computer
DataNet Távközlési Rt.
A DataNet WWW partnerei
DYNAsoft HomePage
Sky Computer otthonlap
Profi 2000 Home Page
LogiCom Kft.
PC-Centrum Bp. I. ker. Széna tér 7
T: 213-9456
Carrera (Iridium)
FaxBank információk az INTERNET-en
IRIDIUM-FaxBank Kft.
Számítástechnika: FaxBank Információk az INTERNET-en
A TVNET Kft. honlapja
Pentacomp (iridium)
Cégek elérése (nexus)
Belinea monitorok: Kerorg Kft's Home Page
Phantasy Computer: Belinea is
Árlisták ? : Untitled Document
IDG Online
Light Computer: Belinea monitor is
MK DISZKONT: nem PC, Szórakoztató elektronika, Háztartási gépek
HirNet: Fórum: Hardver (általános)

HW Companies : The Web List
PC MB Manufacturers: COMPUFACTS - Computer Systems & Motherboards
Computer Hardware & Software Links
SyQuest Technology Incorporated
miro Computer Products AG homepage
Sony Online
Microsoft Corporation
Linux Systems Labs Vendor of Books, Documentation, Software, and Archives


Digital Equipment Corporation
Digital's Customer Update, Index
DEC Product Documentation, Index
DEC Document Search Services
european mirror: Digital Equipment Corporation
DEC Email addresses
DIGITAL$RESOURCES:[000000] - Hints&Tips for the hobbyist
System & Option Services


HP DAT Tape Mechanisms - Data Sheets
HP DDS Media
HP 35470A DAT Drive
HP 35480A DAT Drive
HP C1534A DAT Drive
HP C1536A DAT Drive

CRL Network Services: se2 owner's ISP
C&P Network Consulting GmbH Homepage
Labview: National Instruments
Seagate Technology Home Page
Q u a n t u m : Capacity for the Extraordinary
Stac Home Page
gyenge: Acer Laboratories Inc. Home Page


Tekram WWW HomePage
DC-600 Series Drivers and BIOS
Tekram Latest Drivers and Software Updates


GVC Links With Packard Bell In China Monitor Deal 05/01/96
GVC Monitor Series
GVC/MaxTech XT-5900 Specifications
GVC/MaxTech XT-2100 Specifications

Price Info, Buying, PC Hardware

Price Watch - Street Price Search Engine
PC Catalog's Buyers' Directory LaunchPad
VA Research Catalog
ESC Technologies - Table of Contents (pricing web site)
Always The Lowest Computer Prices: CompIndex!
Always The Lowest Computer Prices: CompIndex!
Sharky Extreme - Hardware
Sharky:Weekly CPU Pr.
CPU Review

virtuális IFABO
Egyéni nyugdíjszámítás
Russian, PC HW info
Dzik Computer InfoService
1996. évi LXXXIII. törvény (szja)
MTI-ECO Linkek
F o r n a x M O N I T O R
Valutaárfolyamok: F o r n a x Rt.
infláció: Kozponti Statisztikai Hivatal (KSH) Aktualis

Adózás, TB

Adózási példatár: Széchenyi István Főiskola
TB: Heves Megyei Hírlap! - 1996. DECEMBER 10 - A rendszer új eleme az adó jellegű egészségügyi hozzájárulás


URLs at for the ARL homepage
development, under my homepage at sunserv

ARL homepage under development
ARL homepage under development
at sunserv under my public_html tree
Staff of the Applied Reactor Physics Department
ARL Homepage
under aekihp

New URLs, collected at the start with NETSCAPE

Welcome to Netscape
Directory of /pub/navigator/2.02/unix
Netscape - Frequently Asked Questions
The Online Handbook
Pro Patiente Health and Medicine
iSYS Hungary Internet Megoldasok
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Meteorology, order by data
Forcast Model Analysis of Europe
DKRZ Meteosat Animationen
Welcome to Spider Technologies



Penn State Department of Mathematics
Mathematics Information Servers
The EMS Home Page
WWW server of Math departments in germany


Maple User Group Answers


Lehrstuhl D fuer Mathematik, RWTH Aachen
GAP - Groups, Algorithms and Programming.
mirror in UK: GAP - Groups, Algorithms and Programming.
Interim Reports.

Szép matematika
Kéri Gerzson kezdő oldala
Forum Internet Resource Collection
Mathematics Archives WWW Server
Forum Internet Resource Collection - Math by Topic
Interesting Math Web-Sites
Electronic Sources for Mathematics
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Mathematics
ISC Main Page
Visual Math For Java
Raytracing & Imaging -- An interactive Java Applet --
WebEQ 2.2 at the Geometry Center
Dr Geo 0.7.8b
Genius Calculator and the GEL Language
Rlab Homepage
QGraphi: solve graph problems, Franci's Programs
linear programming



JPEG image 1118x900 pixels
Cheetah Spot


Kullancscsipes - Lyme kor
MEDLINEplus: Lyme Disease


Information in Hungarian

Jancsó Gábor: Gombaszagok kémiája
Magyar Gombaismertető Jancsó Gábortól


Hungarian names: from Gábor Jancsó

The Mycopage Image Archive
The source of the following pictures
Gyilkos Galóca: Amanita phalloides
Párducgalóca: Amanita pantherina
Nagy Őzlábgomba: Macrolepiota procera
Gyenge Őzlábgomba: Macrolepiota puellaris
Bükkfa Taplógomba (P.d.J.'95): Zunderschwamm
from: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Mykologie
Tüskés Gerebengomba (P.d.J.'96): Habichtspilz
Kékhátú Galambgomba (P.d.J.'97): Frauentäubling
Ramaria largentii
Cortinarius elegantissimus
Keserű Fakópreszke: Tricholoma acerbum
Aranyos Galambgomba: Russula aurea
Varashátú Galambgomba: Russula virescens
Pirosfejű Tinóru: Xerocomus rubellus
Ízletes Vargánya: Boletus edulis
Ízletes Vargánya (változat): Boletus venturii
Links to pictures
Colour Guide of Fungi

A Short 'Shroom Primer
Mushroom Literature: Mike's Library
Mike's MushRoom
Mushroom 'R Us
Mushroompeople On-Line Catalog
Mycology Resources
Index to Mycology Resources
Mycology Resources: Collections
Mycology Resources: Mushrooms
Mushroomers Online!
Dave Fischer's Mushroom Page
Mushroom identification
FTP Directory:
The Mycopage Image Archive
The source of the following pictures
Italy: Mycological resources
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Mykologie e.V.: DGfM Homepage
from: Deutsche Gesellsvhaft für Mykologia

Gyógynövények, gyógynövény-készítmények

Styx Home Page
INATURA Honlap -|- Termékismertető - krémpakolások
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Hemorrhoids
Health & Beyond Goals and Mission
Michael Moore - SW School of Botanical Medicine Home Page
"D" herbs, vitamins, natural supplements, and health products at Tippy's Herb Patch
The Secrets of Beauty
Alba Botanica News
Alternative Medicine - Gotu Kola - Herbal Health Products
The Whole Herb: Growing Herbs
Renaissance Herbs - More Medicinal Herbs
Body Essentials Range
Common Names
Herbal Meanings -
Seasonal Publication
Herbal Creations - Herb Information
Herb Remedys
HRF Greenpapers: Herb References
algy's herb page - menu
Algy's Herb page - links
Dietitian - Healthy Body Calculator
Chemistry, A Primer on the Chemistry of Garlic

Institute of Medical Genetics in Cardiff
Human Gene Mutation Database
A radiation hybrid map of the human genome
Institute of Medical Genetics - mapping links
An STS-Based Map of the Human Genome
Experimental Multimap viewer, genetic, Java
pattern-matching nucleic acids: tacg Version 2 - Documentation
WWWtacg Submission Form
!! TEST !! WWWtacg Version 2 Submission Form
The Visible Human Project
Visible Human Research
TT BrainAtlas (req: Java)
UCMP Glossary

Pharma Nord Research Manual

Pharma Nord
Pharma Nord Research Manual
Pharma Nord Research Manual
Pharma Nord Research Manual

U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM)


NEWS, pg 1021, issue 15, 1996, vol 88, jnci
CNN - Scientists discover cellular 'fountain of youth' - January 13, 1998
Southwestern Medicine 1996: Telomeres and immortality

flower pictures

Fishes: Index of /images
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Botany (Biosciences)
Botany and Cultivation
Marching Through the Visible Man
Scientific Movie Library - Medical
Myocardial Perfusion SPECT: Useful Web links
National Science Foundation Science and Technology Centers
MLS archive index
The Whole Brain Atlas
basic MR imaging


Chess Space - Chess Space
Chess Space - Chess Space:On-Line:Servers


Go in Java: Tesuji Software
Welcome to IGS HomePage
Ken's Go (Baduk, WeiQi) Page
Go Links
!Go, an Addictive Game
EGCC Index Page
Schaak en Go winkel het Paard


NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Public Home Pages
JPL Web Directory
Muszertechnika IV. csillagász hallgatóknak
Konkoly Observatory Home Page
Astronomy servers in Hungary and abroad
Szeged: The Nine Planets (TNP)
mirror in Germany: The Nine Planets
TNP Mirrors
no access: The Nine Planets
AstroWeb: Astronomy/Astrophysics on the Internet
AstroWeb: Data and Archive Centers Resources
Astronomiae Historia / History of Astronomy
History of Astronomy: Items
History of Astronomy: Items: Celestial Mechanics
History of Astronomy: Publications
ADS Virtual library (Books)
15.8 CAMAL: Calculations in celestial mechanics
Mathematical Review 1991 Subject Classification
Celestial Products Astronomy and Earth Science Publications
Science Software
Science Software - OMPC
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Department of Astronomy
Magyar Csillagászati Egyesület
Comet Hale-Bopp at www.
Hale-Bopp üstökös képtár felfedezésétől napjainkig
John A. Magliacane, KD2BD
Solar Terrestrial Activity Report
Terms and Definitions
Adrian L. Melott at the University of Kansas
IU Astronomy Movies
N-Body/Particle Simulation Methods

Erk's Pages

Erk's Relativity Pages
Erk's Doppler Mass Shift (DMS) Pages
Falling into a Black Hole
Black Holes (escapability of), main page
Erk's Wormhole Pages
Erk's Wormhole Links...
White Holes and Wormholes

Andrew Hamilton's Home Page

Deep sky resources, pictures and collections

Pictures found on Internet: deep-sky objects
National Optical Astronomy Observatories
UA Astronomical Image Galleries
Deep Sky Objects
HST Images by Subject
ESO Photo Gallery
Findings From Hubble Deep Field Home In On Distant Galaxies
World's Most Powerful Telescopes Team Up With A Lens In Nature To Discover Farthest Galaxy In The Universe
JPEG image 640x583 pixels
The Hubble Deep Field
Animation: Zooming in with HST DF

Large Scale Structure of the Universe

Large Scale Structure and Galaxy Formation
Galaxy Formation Animations
N-body Simulation Images and Animations
GC3 Home Page
Schwarzschild Geometry
Cosmology links
X-Ray Clusters


Live from Mars
Mars Pathfinder - Welcome to Mars!
Mars Pathfinder Mission - Home Page
MPF Navigation
MPF Trajectory Data (Technical) 30 Jun 97 - 04 Jul 97
The Mars Pathfinder Project: Latest News
Mars Pathfinder - Video from KSC
Mars Pathfinder - Mars - Other Images

STScI/HST Pictures
NASA/Kennedy Space Center Home Page
The STScI Digitized Sky Survey

Planetarium Software, Calendar, Clock

Xephem packages

XEphem 3.2.2
Directory of /opsys/linux/RPM/suse/6.0
Directory of /opsys/linux/RPM/suse
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Directory of /opsys/linux/RPM
Directory of /opsys/linux/RPM
RPM resource xephem
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Xephem: FTP Directory:

The Home Page of "The Earth Centered Universe" Astronomy Program
Planetarium Software
Sienna Software Inc. - Starry Night
Sun or Moon Rise/Set Table for One Year
U.S.N.O. Data Online
HyperSky for Windows
Frequently Asked Questions
Rise, Set, and Twilight Definitions
USNO Master Clock Time
USNO Master Clock
Time Service Dept.
Sunrise/Sunset computation
Sunrise/Sunset computation
Data Online
Solar System Simulator

Space environment, Solar data

Space Environment Center Home
Solar Data Gopher Menu

Observing, Telescope

Sky and Telescope Magazine -- Home Page
Sky and Telescope -- News Archive Menu
Sky and Telescope -- News from the Editors of Sky and Telescope

Bolide at New Zeeland

Sky and Telescope -- News from the Editors of Sky and Telescope
CNN - Meteor blasts New Zealand with sonic boom - July 8, 1999
The Department of Planetary Sciences/Lunar and Planetary Laboratory

The American Association of Amateur Astronomers
The American Astronomer Newlsetter Home Page
The American Association of Amateur Astronomers - The AAAA Constellation Home Page
AAAA Solar System Data Page
Astronomical League Site Map
Sky and Telescope - Sights
!! weekly: Sky and Telescope -- The Sky at a Glance
Sky and Telescope -- Astronomy and space links
Archive of older "Cosmic Mirrors"
MWO · Services · StarMap
"Pretty Pictures"
Jupiter Red Spot JPEG image 895x848 pixels
Voyager Project Information
Voyager Project Home Page
Voyager 30 Year Plan
ScienceNet - Constellation of the Month
ScienceNet - Orion
SETI@home: Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence at Home
Napfogyatkozás-néző szemüveg!
Napfogyatkozás térképek és táblázatok
SDAC Eclipse Information
Solar Eclipses: 1991 - 2000
Sky and Telescope -- Eclipses
Sky and Telescope -- Eclipse Expedition Journal

Math and Celestial Mechanics
Max-Planck-Institut fuer Astrophysik, Garching
The Virgo Consortium
COSMOS: National Cosmology Supercomputer
COSMOS: National Cosmology Supercomputer
Near-Earth Asteroid 3753 (1986 TO)
3G on W3: The Great Globe Gallery
Planetary Geology
mirror: Views of the Solar System
Views of the Solar System
Rise/Set Algorithms
Astronomy Software for Personal Computers
HM Nautical Almanac Office - Home page
HM Nautical Almanac Office - FTP page
Differential rotation near a black hole (mpeg movie)
What is Space Weather?
Mission Index
The Astrophysics Group at Ohio University
3D Starmap creator
STScI Catalogs and Surveys Branch - Guide Star Catalogue
SCC: Astronomical and Physical Sciences
In the Beginning Table of Contents
Center for Scientific Creation
Bad Science: Astronomy According to the CSC



Hungarian Orienteering Home Page
Orienteering WOC-97 -magazine
(live: enable javascript) woc-magazine
Internet Resources for Runners
Orienteering and Rogaining Home Page
The Running Page
Software: Running Products
PC Coach Training Software Home Page
Training Software
Magyar Marathon Klub Honlap
Winkm's Homepage!
WebRunner (TM) Running Page
The Athlete's Calculator
Minősítési Szabályzat: Tajfutas, 1996/1
Magyar tájfutók

HUDIR: Sport
Kihon Aikido Homepage, Hungary
Olympic Points
Olympics Results
1996 Olympic Games, Atlanta
rec.bicycles.* Archives and FAQ
USENET FAQs - rec.bicycles.misc
iNteRNeTTo Szeged - Foci
ATP Tour Tennis Online

Mapping, Cartography, Geography, Geology
Seismological Observatory Home Page
JHU/APL Digital Relief Map of the US (Composites Browser)
Map of Budapest
BrainStorm / Science - Geography
GMT - The Generic Mapping Tools
Satelite Orbits
Interactive flights over Europe
Topographic mapping and data service
Maps of Europe
PCL Map Collection
Cartographic Reference Resources
3G on W3: The Great Globe Gallery
University of Sussex Geography Home Page
Geography (Social Sciences)
Maps (Reference)
Excite Maps: Browse All Maps
Geography - Welcome from The Mining Company
Xerox PARC Map Viewer: world 0.00N 0.00E (1.0X)
GIS links
TMS Direct Map Request Instructions

Virtual Tourist

Excite Travel by City.Net
Virtual Tourist - Europe
See the World


Virtual Tourist Guide to Ireland
Ronan's Picture Gallery
Ronan's Picture Gallery - Dublin


Italian WWW server map
Torino (Turin) Town Plan


VT: The Virtual Tourist
VT: Mountains


Arizona Geology Virtual Tourist: Map Links
Southern Arizona Text Version

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon National Park Home Page
Grand Canyon National Park Frequently Asked Questions
Grand Canyon Field Institute
Grand Canyon GIF image 815x689 pixels
GIF image 616x380 pixels
Grand Canyon Figures
A Trip Through the Grand Canyon
JPEG image 604x413 pixels


OMSZ Honlap
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Meteorology, order by data
DKRZ Meteosat Animationen
Forcast Model Analysis of Europe
Long Range Weather Forecast
Weather Information Superhighway
Realtime Meteo Info
earlier was a gopher connetction
WMO World Meteorological Organization
WMO Meteo Info
Meteorology on the Internet
Welcome to IGES
Climate Outlooks
mirror in Italy: Welcome to IGES
mirror at temp4.gif
mirror at prec4.gif
Medium Range Forecasts for Europe
COLA/IGES Weather & Climate Images
GrADS Home Page
GrADS on the Web
PCMDI NWP Weather Maps


Nautica On Line - Previsioni meteo per le regioni italiane

Emilia Romagna (Bologna)

Previsioni meteorologiche sull'Emilia Romagna
Temperature previste nelle principali localita' dell'Emilia Romagna
Umidita' prevista nelle principali localita' dell'Emilia Romagna
TGR (Testata Giornalistica Regionale) -- Meteo


Climate Prediction Center
Climate Prediction Center Products
CPC - Weekly Regional Analyses: Europe
CPC Products: Weekly Regional Analyses
CPC: Analysis + Monitoring Products
World Meteorological Organization
WMO Meteo Info
IMK Home Page

Debrecen: WeatherLabs, Inc. City Forecast Page
The WeatherLab(TM)
El Nino: Barrington Report
EO demos
Latest surface weather charts for Europe
Weathermaps of Europe
International Model Output Links
800 Cities: Rain or Shine Weather


The Hungarian Academy of Sciences
BME-MTI (13-Jan-1997)
Eötvös Loránd University Home Page - Draft version
SOTE Homepage
József Attila Tudományegyetem
Home Page of BKE
OMFB hírek
DECUS Hungarian Chapter Home Page
IDG Magyarorszag
Kozponti Statisztikai Hivatal (KSH)
Választási WEB

(free) ISP's

Welcome to GeoCities Home Page
Welcome to Nyx
Join GeoCities

Országos Közoktatási Intézet
NIIF ottlap
Technische Universität Chemnitz, Homepage
Welcome to UCMP!


Downloadable Files Sorted by Manufacturer Name
galileo.exe setup utility download site
Downloadable Files Sorted by Type
C++ Libraries FAQ secondary path ancestor: Campbell Crabtree
Cycorp, Inc.
CDOC Documentation Tool for C and C++
Metre v2.3
Hungarian Route Computing Program:
Magyar Pavilon
Vobis PC Program Collection, drivers, doc
EIDE2300PLUS Installation Tips
About TimeZone
Air System Technologies BBS Files
MWO · Services · StarMap · FAQ
A hidegfúzió rejtélyének megoldása
Windows: A Note from Mike
Kábelmodem: TVNET KFT.
Műholdas TV: TV.TVNET.HU: Főoldal
All files on Aminet
MIDI files:
Project Manager's Control Tower
CESP Environment: IFS News Letter No.1
NT hacker warning-8/18/97
Breaking NT Security is a Breeze According to the LOpht -- IA64 speculations -- IA32 index -- 80x86 index -- overview
Martin Steinkamp's Command & Conquer Seite: gepard?
Ovation Control & Information Technology by Westinghouse
Welcome To The Westinghouse PCD Business Center
Process Control Division

James Burke

The Pinball Effect : How Renaissance Water Gardens Made the Carburetor Possible-And Other Journeys Through Knowledge
The Pinball Effect
The James Burke Connection
Discovery Online
Discovery Online, Search Our Site
The James Burke Web Repository

KNOWLEDGE 2: Links for Mineralogists
UCMP Web Time Machine
Geology Entrance
The Electronic Zoo
NetVet/Electronic Zoo Animal Information & Archives Home Page
Crystal System
Mineralogy Database
Mineral Specimen Images
req: java, Shapes of some polyhedrons of importance in chemistry andcrystallography
cubic crystal system
Chemical Content of all known Minerals
Welcome to CHAT.RU!
Recognita + Linux: István's homepage
32 bites DLL futtatása Linuxban
The Free Site is the best place to find freebies, samples, freeware, counters, free Web pages, free reminders, free screen savers, graphics, free Email, guestbooks, etc.
Statistical data, visualisation: XploRe
The Virtual Nuclear Tourist ! Nuclear Power Plants Around the World
ASTRA - Receiving ASTRA - ASTRA Footprints
Product Index by Category
SPF/PC for DOS & OS/2
SCS Turbo Internet System
Small Arms Ballistics


Applet Behavior in Netscape Navigator
AltaVista: Simple Query +applet +pruned
OpenVMS Web Server Index Search
Dave Beazley
SunScript Home Page
Netscape DevEdge Java Newsgroup Frequently Asked Questions
Java Programmers FAQ
Java Decompilers
Dave's Java Gifts
Index of all Fields and Methods

Hungarian Home Page
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