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DEPTH (Windows version)

by E. Szilágyi

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DEPTH code [5] has now been developed further to calculate the energy and depth resolution of ion beam analysis methods as Rutherford backscattering spectrometry, Elastic recoil detection analysis. In this version Nuclear Reaction Analysis is not included.

The depth resolution part practically is the same than it was at the DOS version (as shown in Fig.1).

The spectrum simulation part has been improved significantly. Spectrum simulation with atomic resolution can be performed using a magnetic spectrograph (see Fig. 2, details are in ref 14.


Figure 1. Comparison of depth and energy resolution calculated by the DOS and Windows version for 1.6 MeV He ERD in SiH.


Figure 2. Spectrum simulation with monolayer resolution. a) for spectrum constructions the energy losses of the carbon planes and the elastic scattering cross section have to be calculated and the energy spread contributions as a function of depth (i.e., as a function of detected energy) have to be taken into account. b) Simulated energy spectrum compared to the measured one [G. Dollinger, C.M. Frey, A. Bergmaier, T. Faestermann, Nucl. Instr. and Meth. B 136-138 (1998) 603.]. All the energy spread effects accounted for. c) Simulated energy spectrum taking into account only the intrinsic energy spread contributions compared to the same experimental spectrum as in b). The simulated spectra were normalised to the experimental one between 18200 and 18250 keV.

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download WDEPTH.ZIP (Last modification: 27.08.2007) This version was used in IAEA intercomparison of IBA software.