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DEPTH for targets containing multilayers

by E. Szilágyi

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DEPTH code has now been developed further to calculate the energy and depth resolution of ion beam analysis methods as Rutherford backscattering spectrometry, Elastic recoil detection analysis and Nuclear Reaction Analysis for targets containing multilayers. The reflection and transmission geometries are considered as well. Now it is available to construct and save the simulated energy subspectra as well. The following effects are not included: plural scattering, extremely small energy losses, non- Gaussian straggling for small depths and sample surface roughness.

Here is an example for spectrum simulation by DEPTH. Experimental 4.5 MeV 4He ERD spectra (symbols) taken at tilt 76o and recoil angle 32.5o for samples of the metal/ 50 nm hydrogenated amorphous carbon/metal layers on silicon substrate. The thickness of metal layers are a) Al, 2 x 400 nm b) Cu, 2 x 180 nm c) Ag, 2 x 171 nm d) Au 2 x 139 nm. RBX (developed by E. Kótai: dashed line) and DEPTH (solid line) simulations are also shown together in each case.

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