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Zimányi 2006


Dec. 11 - 13 (Mon - Wed),
Budapest, Hungary
[J. Zimanyi]
J. Zimányi (1931 - 2006)

Aims of the Zimanyi 2006 Winter School on Heavy Ion Physics:
- as of November 9, 2006 -

Dear Colleague,

The aims of this school are
0) Continuing the tradition of the Budapest Winter Schools on Heavy Ion Physics, in the spirit of the late professor J. Zimányi (1931-2006) :
1) deepening the collaboration between experimental and theoretical physicists who are interested in finding new forms and new phases of hot and dense hadronic matter;
2) deepening our international collaborations, and digesting some of the results of Quark Matter 2006 conference in Shanghai, China; and
3) continuing Hungarian participation in the PHENIX experiment of the RHIC accelerator at the Brookhaven National Laboratory, Long Island, USA. The Debrecen University, Eotvos University and KFKI RMKI are institutional members of PHENIX from the beginning of 2003. We also would like to deepen our cooperation with the LHC experiments, in particular with the ALICE, CMS and TOTEM experiments;
4) opening the School for students from outside as well as from inside Hungary, following the traditions established in 2003;
5) strengthening the collaboration between KFKI RMKI and the ELTE University. Due to this reason, one session of the School will be held at ELTE and the talks in that session will be open to all members of the ELTE Departments of Physics as well as to all of the students.
6) looking back to new results of 2006 and increasing our awareness of these results.

Contributed talks: Participants are encouraged to present their recent results in brief contributed talks. Please e-mail us your name, institute, the title and a brief abstract of your contribution, if any.

Students are particularly encouraged to attend the school (and, thanks to our Sponsors, their fee will be waived).

Looking forward to a stimulating and fruitful meeting,

T. Csörgö
csorgo @

E-mail to: csorgo @
Web-page of the school:
- As of November 9, 2006-